Ritchey bicycle owners and appreciation

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  • There are a few Ritchey bike owners on here, however the forum does not seem to have a dedicated thread. So let me start one!

    My 2009 Road Breakaway:

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  • Here's not great picture of my Logic, with added small dog action in the background.

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  • One of my favourite Ritcheys.

  • I'm a huge fan of this Road Logic:

    Although I'm starting to think it might be better with a stem parallel to the toptube. Still very good.

  • Needs broken up and packed pic.

    I use their MTB and road pedals; both awesome!
    Tom Ritchey is a genius IMO.

  • That camo Swiss Cross. Just excellent.

  • Its not really a proper picture, but I promise its a Road Logic. Testing out its off-roading ability in the Welsh Valleys.

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  • Ha! Sweet thread. Ritchey rule. Thanks @swedeee!

    Here's my road logic winter/not nice enough weather for fancypants bike bike.

    I'm not really into MTB, but would dig one of the red/white/blue 29ers.

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  • Road Logic 2 posing in Wales. Road Logic 2 is built for Wales. Glorious on the climbs, insane on the descents and comfy all day long!

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  • I would like a Road Logic but old skool short headtube innit.

  • This is exactly why I'm that close to swapping my cannondale frame for a road logic. Awesome bikes.

  • Got to add one of these to the thread.

  • @amey

    Those carbon Breakaway framesets come in at 1810g for the frame, fork and coupling. Not light, but quite impressive given the flexibility it gives.

    Speaking of a pic of one packed, I had a go at fitting mine in its case last night. What a complete tw@t of a job. Need to rethink how to do it as it takes some doing. I was toying with the idea of getting an S&S case to be totally airline compliant, but am now having second thoughts.

  • such a beautiful bike. i even forgive the chain (artillery-esque?)

    the p-29ers are sick. I want one but not seen any in my size reduced to a less eye-watering price

  • You can always sell it ;)


    Didnt know about the weight of carbon; makes it less attractive; compared to steel that is. Its the only one you can buy in the UK. On that note; where did you buy yours from?

  • I would like a road logic very much. Do you think they'll do a disc brake version anytime or is it too close to swiss cross?

  • Shoot them an email and ask... They are super helpful!
    PM me if you want their sales managers email.

  • Thanks dude!
    Was tempted by that P29er that was up for sale on here a while back. Wasn't sure on sizing though.

  • Don't understand why you would buy a carbon Ritchey.
    They are all about steel.

  • eBay! No idea where it was originally sourced from.

  • I would love the old red steel swiss cross as well . But i love my logic and its far comfier than my cervelo r3 that snapped light a carrot

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  • Will do. I'd only want discs because I'm thinking of hard packed and dusty fire trails back in Aus, think discs would make a difference in that situation. Not overly fussed though. I'll send an email and ask. Also, will drop you a PM for the email. Cheers!

  • So a 53cm Road Logic popped up on eBay in seemingly mint condition, a few here probably saw it. Asked the seller a few questions prior to pulling the trigger, including exposed steerer length. He had cut it to leave 35mm exposed???? Damn it, why do short!

    It did prompt another query though. Does anyone know the difference between the Road Logic and the Road Logic 2.0?

    The one on eBay had the brake cable on the top of the top tube, others I've seen (pedalroom etc) have it on the underside. How do you tell them apart?

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Ritchey bicycle owners and appreciation

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