Whatever my current projects are.

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  • ah shite, what have I said ;) I have no room for bikes really

  • Tell me about it :)
    Picked this one up today. Not even sure why, I wantet a proper cargo for ages. Gonna be the N+1 groceries and city bike.

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    • 20210720_165555.jpg
  • Finally finished (sort of) the new build. Also the crago got new 1x drivetrain, cockpit and brakes.

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  • Also - silicone grips are crap.

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  • is that custom? soma? its nice whatever!

  • Cheers! It is custom, made by a local bike shop called Trecikli. Rear dropouts and the seat post collar area are a bit cheap, rest are quite nice. Head tube for a 1/8 steerer would have been a nice addition as well.

  • New cockpit on the ultimate bike:
    -Ritchey Kyote bars, uncut for now
    -TranzX dropper
    -Brooks Cambium grips

    Also I finally got a new rim, as four of my previous orders were cancelled due to part shortage. Its a WTB ST i23, somewhat narrower than what I was aiming for, but for 25EUR it was a nobrainer.
    Plus I am looking for a brake set - nothing wrong with the current set other than levers are a bit wiggly tho. There is a Formula R0 for sale nearby, will take a look next week.

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  • ma lattam a vasat a gravityben, funky cucc :D

  • Changes on the Rohloff build:
    Ditched the dropper, did not use it at all. Swapped for an orient express carbon post.
    Bought the Formula R0's. I did not know such stopping power existed.
    Got the hubs serviced and the rear wheel rebuilt with the WTB rim and DT spokes.
    Not much of a visual change, so no pics.

    Also stared a new project (...).
    Kinda missing going fast, so started toying with the idea of a WW build. There is a listing of a Focus Izalco max built with Sram Red22, already below 7kg. I've estimated I could get it under 6kg with a full budget of 1700 EUR.
    Luckily I realized I do not need such a bike, so bought a Viner Comp Line built mostly with 10s Dura Ace for a bargain (340 EUR, 8.9kg as pictured). Goals are sub 850 EUR for budget, and sub 7kg for build. Keyword are: Cane Creek eeBrakes, OrinetExpress carbon finishing kit, Sensah 1x grouppo. Some wheels I haven't fully figured out yet - there is a carbon tubular pair laced with hope hubs for 225 EUR, but tubs.

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  • Got the wheelset. Ended with Hope Pro III rear and Circus Monkey front hubs laced into 38mm unknown cabrong rims. Weighting 1095 and 834 grams w/o skewers and Vittoria Corsa Cx 23 and 25's glued on. Paid 215 EUR.
    For pedals, I found a pair of Ritchey V4 Pro's, 273g on the scale, for 21 EUR.
    Should receive all the parts this weeks - except for the forks.

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  • Finally built it up.
    Rides like a solid piece a metal sheet, its been ages since I haven't ridden skinnies. But its also hella fast - and what a breeze to carry it up to the 4th floor. Speaking of which, final weight is 7165g with pedals, 6892 without them. Also Ritchey V4 pros are a piece of garbage (but a piece of light garbage, sadly).

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  • Rad! How's shifting with the Sensah groupset?

  • Surprisingly crisp. Downshifting needs a bit of more push than what I am used to with Sram brifters tho.

  • Such a pleasing project that must be. You must have a record somewhere of all the weight saving parts. Where did you source such forks?

  • Sure I have my list in excel. Forks are from Aliexpress (ofcourse), weighting 350g cut.

  • That is cool

  • Got this one yesterday. WW build is nice and all, but aint really suitable for commuting (on awful roads).

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  • Updates:
    Sold the Duell frame. sigh
    Sold the Pompino. Kinda regret it now.
    Sold the cycletruck.
    Bought a mini long-john replacing the previous cargo.
    Built a GT commuter.
    Also bough a Cadex CFR-1 for yet another commuter build.
    Rohloff-Gates-Lauf bike is now equipped with Magura Trail brakes.

    Biggest question now, which bike to carry on a 3 week long campervan trip trough Slovenia - Italy - France - Spain - Mediterranean-sea islands.

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  • GT is rad

  • mini long-john

    Way cool! What size are the wheels?

  • GT is siiiick. Sad to hear about the Duell though. :(

  • Thanks all for the kind words.
    The mini cargo is 20/16".

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Whatever my current projects are.

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