Whatever my current projects are.

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    I've started this thread for the Duell Warrior Track, but ended up to spam here all my current bikes, build, projects. The ones I've actual ridden are usually uploaded to pedalroom.

    Back in September of 2015 I came across a listing about a "Duell Warrior Track" bike on a local bike forum. I kind of liked it, and I was planning to buy a proper track frame anyway, so went to check it in person. It was love at first sight, so I bought it without the wheelset and cockpit.

    The inital setup was the following:
    Miche advanced crankset, KMC 710 chain, some crappy xlc headset, no name seatpost, concor saddle, nitto jag with risers, excursion x novatec wheelset, and and awfully week VP Bottom bracket.
    The frame had a horrible powder coating, luckily the fork was intact.

    Bought a matching Miche team BB, a nice Rito aero seatpost, and repalced the saddle to my less retro looking but a lot more confy XLR.
    It was a solid bike, I was planning to have it as my everyday beater - when I started to gather some info about the brand and learned this is pretty much a one of a kind, custom order frame, so I decided to restore it.

    Plan is NJS all the way. Well at least as much as possible. I know its a bit odd for an european frame, but I just prefer japanese stuff over anything else.

    By now, I've ordered almost everything - only looking for either a set of rims or a full rear wheel.
    Parts are the following:
    -Tange Levin headset (NJS) - kind of the only choice with 26.4 crown race
    -Sugino 75 BB (NJS)
    -KKT Kyokuto Pro Ace (NJS) pedals - I do not really like cages, so probably I'll get custom made starps
    -DA 7600 165mm cranks (NJS), 7710 51T titanoum coated chainring (NJS)
    -Izumi silver chain - plan to replace it with super toughness when I have the budget
    -Suzue 18T cog - sadly no NJS in this size - yeah I know, I am week
    -Nitto sp72 jaguar seatpost (NJS) - itt was freakin' hard to find one with 44m rail width
    -Selle Italia MOST XLR - still searching for something more classical looking saddle
    -MKS chain tugs (NJS)
    -Nitto jaguar stem (NJS), Orion risers
    -Araya Red, Dura Ace 7600 (NJS) with custom red plate, VIttoria tub front wheel

    At the moment the frame is at the painter, promised 3 weeks to finish, so now I am waiting, and trieing to gather all the remaining stuff.

    Here are some pics of the old setup.

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  • Cool. Post it in the Duell thread too when you're done! I got a road warrior, it's nice. Made of Columbus Brain.

  • The original paint was lovely, like the fork in your picture, all painted decals. Downtube
    is like yours, flattened in the middle, but the paint job hides it's slightly odd look somewhat. D'you think yours is Brain too?

  • Yep, contacted Jan, he confrimed it's Brain. Sticker set ordered as well.
    The down tube is OS and oval shaped.

  • This is going to be lovely!

    I missed my chance on a Duell track some years ago, still regret not getting it.

  • Ordered Sugino seatpost binder bolt and 7600 hubset - so probably I'll have a spare front hub for sale later.
    Only rim(s) left.

  • Flattened downtube is super nice and the toblerone seatstay bridge..
    What's the paintjob gonna be?

  • Cinelli laser inspired base color, white "DUELL" logos and black engravings.
    Contacked both Jan and his brother Broday (who is still painting the Duell frames) but never recived answer regarding the original paint.
    Skülly has a similar frame tho, but I was planning something more minimal.

  • Sounds excellent. I also think of Duell's as being purple which I also like but sounds like you've picked something great.

  • Actually at first I had a greyish light purple colour in my mind, but somehow ended up with blue.

  • Did you see the white red-pink paint job in the Duell thread? It's amazing... sort of like japanese ceramics pattern.

  • Yeah, checked all the Dualls I could first. That ceramic like pattern is sure sexy.

  • Seatpost arrived, it's hella sexy. Only waiting for the seatpost bolt and hubset now.
    Also dropping the tubular front, the red hub is staying tho, bought a pair of Tufo Calibra lites for bargain. (Araya red NJS rim for sale)
    Probably ending up with Tb14s if I cant find clicher arayas till 10th feb.

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  • Hub set, cog, and seatpost bolt arrived today. Now only rims left.

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  • Got a sneak peak fron the painter, yay!

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  • Looks very good! Love the yellow details.

  • Wheels are laced, only pedal straps are missing, then its ready!

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  • Looks nice. Frame's paint looks stunning.

  • Thanks! Assembled it, I'll get somebody to take a few photos with an actual camera instead of my phone.

  • That paint looks amazing. Be good to see this built up

  • Quick preview

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  • so good.

  • Very very good! Paint looks excellent. Deserves a nice black saddle though I think!

  • ^ yes. And less harsh grips

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Whatever my current projects are.

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