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  • Same as my Ukraine thread basically. What's the go with crossing to/from Romania into, say Hungary by bicycle? I don't want to be waiting at border control for 12hrs..

  • Went into Romania via Hungary by bus once. Passport control involved border police checking everyone's passport briefly, was quite a quick process. But then it was a Romanian bus and I was the only forrin person on there. They regarded me quizzically. Maybe if some strange Englisher turns up with a laden touring bike they might think that you're a gipsy and shoo you off.

    Don't know crossing the border the other way as I flew out.

  • Thanks for the info. Most of the reports I've read have been similar - usually a bus load of people that get waved through after queuing for a bit. Not sure how they're likely to react to a cyclotourist.

    Wonder what "G'day fuckers! Where's your nearest pub?! First rounds on me.. " translates to...

  • All should be well , never heard of anyone getting held up for more than a routine check.

  • Cheers!

  • Don't know about romania, but all of my eastern europe/balkans crossings involved rolling to the front of the queue of cars, getting passport quickly checked and stamped and being on my way in a less than 10 minutes.

  • BBBbbbbbbummmmppppp

    thinking of going to romania for a week-long MTB bikepacking adventure in may/june.
    want to take in the carpathians definitely, not sure what else

    anyone got recommendations for places to go / routes that are MTB-specific? as little pavement as possible

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