Genesis Croix De Fer - amongst other things

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  • I haven't weighed them, but it says thi sin one of the reviews.. Weigh in a little heavy at 380 grams for the 42cm

  • Thanks.. Yeah I'm happy with it. I'm 5ft 9in and this is a 56cm, but I run a slightly shorter stem than most..

  • Is that 80mm? Looks the same length as I have on my small, but I reckon I could do with going a little longer (small is either 50cm or 52cm - can't remember. I'm 5'8").

  • Yeah 80mm.. What year is your bike? you can get all the old catalogues on the Genesis website and confirm the geometry.. 56cm gets the bigger headtube so sits a bit higher.. which I prefer.. My Binachi is a 56cm too..

  • Yeah we have the same frame size yet I am 6'1! Top tube is a bit short though tbf at 54/55

  • I don't actually know what year it is :-I
    Going to browse those catalogues and find out!

    edit: looks like 2016 maybe? Decals match. Small is 50cm seat-tube c-t

  • Some pics from tonight..

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    • 20200505_CDF_&_viking-0090-1.jpg
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    • 20200505_CDF_&_viking-0093-3.jpg
    • 20200505_CDF_&_viking-0095-5.jpg
  • I received my decals today so just put them on.. so it's full OEM..

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  • Lookin good.

  • Nothing much done to the bike, just been out enjoying it..

    I've also done a few vids..

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    • IMG_20200517_150215.jpg
    • IMG_20200517_150222.jpg
    • IMG_20200517_140321.jpg
  • Your old equilibrium has a new lease of life in London. Delivered it today to my gf sister, she's very happy.

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    • IMG-20200611-WA0025.jpg
  • Looks great.. glad it's gone to a good home..

  • @Technics100
    Great work on CDF. I like the way it looks.

    Noticed the difference of the rear fork shape between the 2014 and 2016 models. As the 650bx47 wheels are bugging me like crazy, could you tell me what is the space between your chainstays -where the tire is biggest-please?

    The WTB Ventures are more appealing to me than the Resolute and because of the 50mm spacing between the hourglass shaped chainstay I hesitate a lot with the purchace of a 650b wheel set.

  • It's about 51-52mm.. so it's tight enough, but doesn't really bother me. I actually just changed to 1.95 gravelking SK's, they are slightly bigger measuring 48mm.. so a couple of mm each side..

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    • IMG_20200611_111623.jpg
  • Damn you are not helping me with my itch. :).

    Somehow I was hoping to say that your clearance is larger, but looks as in the same range as my bike.

    So, tourmenting continues. Took it today at a bit off-road. 2 things are missing: larger tires & a larger handlebar so I could get more leverage with the inline breaks.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • I noticed a huge difference in comfort going from a 32mm gravelking to a 47mm 650b.. do it.. scratch that itch..

  • Don't have much doubt on comfort increase.

    Took the plundge. Ordered the parts. I'll report in about 2 weeks after the wheels will be built. In the worst case scenario I will be left with a pair of wheels in expectation of another frame.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Hopefully it will be fine.. Although I have ended up buying a new frame before because tyres didn't fit!! it's a slippery slope..

  • Hey, how is the clearance on your gravel kings? (i'm assuming they're 650b, right?)
    I've got some Senderos (650x47) on the way and i'm nervous about them fitting in the frame. I'm actually tempted to get the chain stay crimps lengthened a bit if it's too tight.

  • Yeah I'm 650b. I went through a couple of tyre changes.. I tried WTB byways 47mm clearance was fine.. but grip wasn't, so I tried gravelkings in 1.9 inch, but they measured 52mm on it hunt rims and were too wide.. so I've settled on 1.75inch gravelkings which come in at 43mm so have plenty of clearance..

  • I was thinking of getting those gravel kings, but I wanted something as knobbly as possible for these wheels.
    When the senderos eventually turn up I’m going to see how much room I have in there - I’m tempted to see if I can get the chainstay crimps extended if need be.

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Genesis Croix De Fer - amongst other things

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