Genesis Croix De Fer - amongst other things

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  • Been lurking here for a while and thought I would do a thread of my latest build, current bike setup is a genesis day one 2015 and a Planet X full Pro carbon, the planet X isn't getting the use it deserves as I mostly commute on my bikes (10 miles each way), so plan is to sell the carbon frame and wheels and build a disc steel commuter from the remaining bits..

    The Genesis day one my brother bought me after me buying and messing about with old Peugeot single speed's. Only changes / upgrades it has are SKS Bluemel guards, 60mm stem, Atran Velo Jumbo Cargo front rack and charge spoon saddle. Might change the Canti's to V brakes in the future..

    Christmas commuting spec.

    I built the planet X up from 105 setup I had on a Carrera, then bought some american classic sprint 350's.. to make a nice light 8.0kg full carbon bike

    Some pics of the previous bikes.

    Anyway, this thread will be mostly my Genesis Croix de Fer build as below..Waiting for the frame to arrive and i'm getting the wheelset from my brother.. So will build it up over the next few weeks as I gather parts.. I will take the full 105 setup off the planet X before selling, so have the full drivetrain, bars, seat etc.. Hoping for a 10kg ish steel disc bike.. We will see!!

    Plan as below:
    2014 Genesis Croix de fer 54cm frame - black - waiting to arrive
    Carbon Fork - not purchased yet
    planet X bars, deda tape etc from other bike
    Shimano 105 5700 10 speed - from other bike
    BB7 Brake callipers or TRP Spyre callipers - any thoughts?
    Charge spoon saddle - from other bike
    Stans Alpha 340 rims on A2z hubs with helo skewers - from my brother :-)
    tubeless tyres

  • I'm putting a similar build together for commuting/light touring. Only significant change is a brooks saddle. I'm torn between the two Trp disc brakes, hyrd or the Spyre. I've a new set of one and used of the other.

  • Good stuff, I like the spoon saddles and like matching saddles on both my bikes.. my brother has a Croix de Fer and has the BB7 on it, so I might just go with those.. what wheels you going for?

  • It's build to a budget so the mavic aksium one's from Westbrook cycles. I'd have liked tubeless so may shell out on some later this year...

  • the stem on that planet x

  • I hate long stems.. don't mess with the 50mm..

  • I have a back like a curly wurly and can extend too far!! I have swapped the day one stem to a 60mm one too.. just never really ridden with long stems..

  • Picked up the wheels tonight, very very light.. front is 720g.. any suggestions for tubeless tyres? might as well as the rims are already setup for it..

  • lol

  • What stem length?

  • the current one on the planet X is 50mm, I run a 60mm on the Day-one, it a 56cm frame, the CDF frame is 54cm, so many run a slightly more normal stem length!!

  • I hate long stems..

    The whole point of the stem beside holding the handlebar is to fine tune your fit.

  • do overly long or very short stems affect the handling?
    The distance the bars have to travel is further on a long stem than short so should be less 'twitchy '?

  • do overly long or very short stems affect the handling?

    Yes and no.

    It affect how it feel, but doesn't affect how it ride.

    Bit hard to explain, but put it this way, putting a 120mm stem on a bike may make it feel slower, but doesn't mean it'll actually be slower to turn in corner compare to a 90mm stem.

    Human are very adaptable, once you get used to the short stem, it feel normal, ditto to long stem.

  • my CdF frame has arrived in-store, let the build begin!!

  • The handling is exactly the same, but the feeling is different. You have to move further to have the same effect. In the end is all about getting a nice fit

  • Good stuff, get a thread started..

    my CdF frame has arrived in-store, let the build begin!!

  • What fork have you gone for?

  • Actually just won one on ebay.. it's a SJS Evolution carbon disc fork

    What fork have you gone for?

  • Ok, the only things I have in my procession are wheels and groupset.. Frame, fork and headset have been posted, so awaiting delivery..


    Fork - SJS Carbon Evolution

    Headset - 1 1/8 CNC Aluminium - Black - 29mm stack height, so should be fine when fitted to forks.

  • Frame, headset came today.. gave the frame a good clean with APC then got a couple of coats of wax on it.. hopefully the forks will come tomorrow and I can get the headset in and start building..

    Also went for 30mm Mavic tubeless tyres and SHimano CX-77 brakes

  • Went down to my brothers this evening and got the headset and bottom bracket fitted.. fork also arrived. took the 105 cranks from the planet X so will give them a quick paint tomorrow night (scuff marks) and then get most of the bike built up.. hopefully seatpost, clamp and tyres will come tomorrow..

  • Nice man. Love the dropouts on this Genesis.

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Genesis Croix De Fer - amongst other things

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