1948 Raleigh Record Ace

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  • I bought this frame restored earlier this year and now I have started to buy parts for it.

    the D/T decals have been mis-applied I think - too close together but apart from that it seems to be in good order.

    the frame does not have the rear rack braze on's so this makes it a racing RRA in my book and I wonder if it was ever used this way.

    I have a Renoylds 531 stem and Renoylds bars that are awfully narrow and a challanging shape, may have to change these. The hubs are Solite 32F/40R (fixed). I plan to lace them to tubular rims possibly wooden ones. Tyres will be Challange Strada Bianca 30mm because the are comfortable, don't puncture (have 4000km on the clinchers without issue) and they have a tan side wall which I like.

    The brake lever bought are GB Arret. No hoods at present and they need cleaning up.

    I have bought today a William's crankset and NOS chainrings for it. I have also got coming a Renolds Elite 1/2"x 1/8" chain (NOS).

    Looking for a period seatpost, pedals, brakes, a period fixed sprocket too and a BB for this chainset.
    Looking forward to riding it.

  • Excellent! I'm looking forward to seeing this built up!

  • Lovely box lining!

  • Next to buy are the rims and wing nuts so I can get the wheels built and in the bike.

  • I'm building one up as well, hopefully getting it back from merican this week. It looks like yours was painted in the old pre-war paint scheme, or was repainted at raleigh at some stage as they apparently did all repaints in this simpler scheme with less fancy decals.
    looking forward to seeing it built up, should be good...

  • Very tasty - subbed

  • Have you seen the Raleigh catalogue at the V-CC library?
    how period correct were you aiming for?
    The GB Arret came long after
    CL Readers bikes have three to look at

  • As period correct t as I can. How long after did are the arret levers. I thought they were 50's. As parts become available I will get them if I find them.

    Trying to find 32F 40r tubular rims. No joy. Probably will buy new wooden ones. Really like that idea. I will not be slave to how correct it is. The project will evolve and change with time.

  • Looks great will be following this one

  • I have a single GB "superhood" lever I may be willing to sell, that I believe is the first type from circa '52 onwards, if you chose to go for the single front-brake fixed option.

  • Just bought a pair of 32H and 40h wooden tubular rims. going to have to wait like a kid waiting for Christmas now and then wait some more while the rims stare at me until I find some time to build them up.

    Braking will be interesting. Maybe I'll just learn to use my legs.

  • Just bought a set of Renoylds wing nuts. When I get the wheels build I'll take some photo's.

  • Some progress rear wheel is built tub is now stretching. the wheel is not overly round. I will see how it rides before I try and true it out as it might be O.K. I would have to make some big tension changes to get it round to normal standards so I will just have to see. Brake drop is 60mm which is just right for some very non period correct centre-pull brakes which I will use until I find the right GB brakes or similar.

  • Them wing nuts look ace (Pardon the pun)

  • Looks ace. Couldn't tempt you to sell those wingnuts could I?

  • I was lucky on ebay paid quite alot for them (but I was determined that they would be mine at almost any price) so no I am keeping them. Got a matching set for the front too. The tyre just fits in the frame. My philosphy is if you have clearance it is wasted space although the amount of clearance is a bit less than I would like for preservation of the paint but hey ho.

  • Progress today. It rides. B17 select saddle fitted brooks leather bar tape on, TA chainset from the 60's a modern cog and KMC chain. The BB is Shimano shock horror. I would have liked to use a williams chainset but good ones are real money and then finding the right BB is a hassle.

    the brake however work as well as a chocolate teapot. Cable pull appears to be incompatable as the levers come back to the bars and I hardly slow down. My legs are a better brake. So some work needed here. It rides nicely though and I will ride it home when I have got a new set of hoods and got the brakes sorted. Only taken a year to get this far it may take another to finish properly.

    Also the saddle is paler than I thought and the bar tape darker. I may have to dye the saddle to rectify this.

  • Top work, looks brilliant

  • I have acquired a nos baylis wiley rear hub, you know the first hib to have a freehub body as we would recognise it today. . It would fit the RRA. Should use it and go 3 speed. The question what derailleur.

  • Yes just like that.

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1948 Raleigh Record Ace

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