Star Wars Appreciation **Spoilers Ahead**

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  • Are you stalking me?
    No I just come here every day to watch you.

    I expected him to be the wild card that screwed up the Empire’s plans. At least the two of them didn’t get all hugs and kisses.

  • great season finale.. also in terms of droids B2 EMO eclipses K-2So, BB8, R2D2, C3PO for sheer heart-tugging moments.

    A common theme around devotion in Star Wars, BB8 with Poe Dameron, R2D2 with Luke Skywalker, perhaps less so for C3PO with Anakin Skywalker. B2 EMO with Maarva, childlike innocent anxiety is an endearing personality, against a backdrop of Empirical brutality on Ferrix

    Speculation in series 2 that B2EMO memory might be used in K-2So reprogramming from KX imperial security droid

  • I thought that Dedra Meero’s wtf shock horror disgust reaction at the rescue was pretty on point!

  • "I can't swim" hit me hard!

  • So good. Loved it. Roll on Season 2, wonder if I'll rewatch Rogue One again before that happens? Probably.

  • OK Andor
    Good wasn’t it? Actual characters, details, violence has consequences, brilliant cast.

  • Thanks for your review, enjoyed the read.

    When folk in SW go out in disguise, why is just a hood or hat that it is deemed necessary.

  • Been really enjoying Tales of the Jedi. Short, punchy, moody episodes. Great stuff.

  • This has become a cliché part of American costume design that needs to get in the fucking bin, it's so stupid

  • It’s a bit lazy, but it’s probably the quickest way to imply they are aiming to be unseen without having to put it in dialogue.

    Thought costume design was excellent overall though.

  • Ah it was more of a dig at films in general rather than star wars, everyone has been rolling it out for the last 20 years it feels like. Costumes in Andor were great, agreed. All hail the Star Wars patina, Marvel is almost universally smooth, that most stuff is kinda beat to shit in the SW universe is a relief

  • Just watched the final episode. Such a fucking great series everything was great about it. Will prob watch again.

  • Yep the classic dusty grubby sci-fi western ethos came through in lovely detail in this series. Loved it

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Star Wars Appreciation **Spoilers Ahead**

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