Star Wars Appreciation **Spoilers Ahead**

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  • Andor defo winning the prequel battle, good blade runner vibes.
    Hotd started alright, but is turning into a shitty pride and prejudice and rings might be slowly improving.

  • Diego Luna (Y tu mama tambien) is superb as Cassian Andor, looking forward to this series unfolding. Most of it was shot on location around the UK with big film sets, big landscapes, pitched as a low tech Spy Thriller with saboteurs, assassins and english accents.

    Edit I have noticed some errors, such as making reference to earth based time and other galactic anomaly

  • Lego Ultimate Razor Crest arrives Saturday.
    It looks really good.

  • needs more episode drops per week, each episode doesnt seem to have any sort of beginning middle or end, it just ends.

    its clearly 2nd best series behind The Mandalorian. IMHO

  • I've only watched 2 eps so far, but I'm preferring it to Mandalorian.

    Mando is more "Star Wars", but I think Andor is the better TV show.

  • 100% agree.
    It feels a lot more mature than the other series.
    I think that's also the reason why I liked Rogue One so much!
    It's easily my favorite Star Wars movie out of the newer ones that came out recently.

  • I’d go further, R1 is probably my 3rd favourite SW film overall.

    Mando and OWK were good (Boba Fett was… ok), but Andor is excellent. Really enjoying it.

  • I'm really enjoying it and this episode is setting things up nicely. Didn't pass the 9yo test though, no zappy zappa pew pew too much boring talking so she defected to Odd Squad before he'd started hiking over the hills.

  • I'm inclined to agree!! R1 was everything I wanted from new Star Wars that I didn't get from TFA.

  • My 6y/o is just getting into SW. Have watched everything else other than Andor, but was not surprised to see in the first episode at least, it's equally as dark and grim as Rogue One (in a good way). I glossed over the point he went to the SW strip joint at the beginning, but am wondering if I should proceed with allowing her to watch the others. Yes, I know it's 14+, but what ya gonna do? I was 5 when I first saw Darth Vader offing rebels left right and centre.

  • It seems a bit mad that A New Hope is a U-rated film, despite all the gun violence, genocide, choking, depictions of charred human remains, and the lopping off of limbs with a laser sword.

  • Yeah, the barbecued Owen and Beru scene is pretty grim even now.

  • Andor Ep.6. Wow, almost perfection. Loving this series. 9yo will enjoy it one day too I'm sure.

  • Best individual Star Wars TV episode yet. Nandor is the bollocks.

  • I like how Disney+ follows it with a recommendation for Rogue One, just in case you didn't know what his ultimate fate was.

  • Ep6 best Star Wars ever?
    So many points where it could have veered into mushy sentiment and happy endings but hell no SHIT GOT REAL

  • Wasn't it. Superb.

  • Absolutely hecking brilliant.

  • Who doesn’t like a galactic heist, right?
    to kick start the rebellion alliance

    those x-wings ain’t cheap you know 😂

  • So good. Pacing was great, and the 9 year old in me loved the tie fighter launch.

  • Yes, that's hell of a drop in to one.

  • Yes those tie fighters, suspended ready for action.

    The 9yo in me always wondered how they launched and landed,
    rather than how they nested like bats..
    swooping outta their battle stations
    ready to engage the enemy using swarm tactics

    TIE fighter variants are also cool, well most of them..­15/08/12/starfighter-week-tie-fighters/

    perhaps we will have a story about their best pilots, hand-picked by the Imperial Navy

  • Sooooo good :) Love a tie fighter x

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  • This couldn't be more true :)

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Star Wars Appreciation **Spoilers Ahead**

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