Star Wars Appreciation **Spoilers Ahead**

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  • Ha, thanks for the answers, still watching, a bit "out grabbing for a story"

  • woops

  • The Rise of Skywalker. What a mess.

  • Damn. I was hoping for it to be not shit...

    Will probably still go to watch it tho

  • it was amazing- had me in tears,JJ had to give us a big ending and work backwards , which meant a lot of exposition at the start but the spirit was there, the fun with a few surprises along the way - loved it - i hate all new star wars apart from the 3 originals and the The Force Awakens - but this one really grabbed me and carried me along for a ride like i was watching Empire again. amazing.... off to see it again tomorrow.

  • ^ can't believe a word

  • hey, just stating my opinion. go watch it yourself

  • I know. I want to believe.

  • It's worth it just for the noise of Palpatine's lightning strike on the rebel fleet

  • Would have liked the storyline arc to be more cohesive across all 3 films, but a super fun trip to the cinema!

    Feel it might have worked as a 2 part finale as pacing was rather quick, maybe with a split after Rey’s force lightning revelation.

  • This was awesome, screw those guys who say that force powers are too strong.

  • Stumbled on 2 years old theory on utub. Like the bits about horizontal light saber jabs, character theme music and anger, all make sense

  • horizontal light saber jabs

    So basic fencing?


  • Fake Leia at the end of Rogue One was nasty and crass, magic floating space Leia was even worse. I hear in this one they carry Leia around in dark glasses and pretend she's alive.

  • So basic fencing?

    Yeah but only two characters in film saga using that move according to utub video.
    Dunno if that true or not, maybe Yoda stabbed some frogs when was young

  • Yeah I'm with you on this it all felt a bit rushed but still enjoyed it.

  • Ok so I had to go and see this my son, sorry not really up to date with previous films since really early ones. So when they gun down all those star destroyers at the end and have a party isn’t that millions of deaths? And aren’t some of the people doing it are former stormtroopers who changed their minds...

  • RIP Death Star 1&2, Starkiller base imperial janitors and kitchen staff.

    Then again, the Empire/First Order/Final Order blew up the following largely civilian planets:

    Hosnian Prime + 4 other planets

  • They were evil sith janitors. No worries.

  • they been busy cheering for emperor in that massive temple before departure

  • Rise is good. Tied up a lot of loose ends nicely.

    From now on it's Mando and the kid. It's far better than I expected.

    How can I enjoy Christmas though? Baby Yoda is in danger!

  • The expanded universe is dead. All hail the new expanded universe! I can't wait until I get to read 'Kylo Ren's Glove' or "Finn's Boot's big day out", now that they've decided that Star Wars is going to be fanservice until the absolute fucking end of time

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  • in honour of the latest space wizards and laser swords bollocks, i present this perennial favourite.­xMM&

  • Expected to hate it, actually really enjoyed it, Mrs EB did too. Greatest hits, really dumb. Just.... enjoyable space bollocks

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Star Wars Appreciation **Spoilers Ahead**

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