Kinesis Racelight 4S Disc Custom built

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  • Need a road bike with disc-brakes for randonneuring and fun, lets satisfy the new-build inner junkie!

    I'll be updating this first with the component list as I choose and get them in consecutive replies.

    • Frame: Kinesis Racelight 4S Disc Cyan Metallic Blue 63cm, 1750gr [detail post]
    • Fork: Kinesis Tracer 1.5 DISC, 440gr [detail post]
    • Seat Clamp: Kinesis (inc. with frameset) [detail post]
    • Headset: FSA No.42/ACB (inc. with frameset) [detail post]
    • Seatpost: Alloy & white [Waiting for bikefit]
    • Stem: Alloy & white [Waiting for bikefit].
    • Handlebar: Controltech Formidable White 44cm, 325gr [detail post]


    • Levers: Campagnolo Chorus Black 11v Ultra-Shift
    • Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Athena 11v Black, with clamp on adapter & chain catcher
    • Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Athena 11v Black (short cage)
    • Crankset: Power2Max FSA Gossamer, 175mm, 110BCD, White Decal. [detail post]
    • Chainrings: Doval 52/36 16% grey color 110BCD, 180gr for the 3 pieces. [detail post]
    • Chainring bolts: Rotor black (inc with Power2Max black friday offer). [detail post]
    • Bottom Bracket: BSA68 FSA MEGAEXO BB-6000 BSA
    • Brakes: TRP Spyre 160 with included Rotors
    • Brake Pads: SwissStop Disc15 Sintered
    • Chain: KMC X11-EL 11v Silver with KMC MissingLink 11 PRO Silver
    • Cables:Jagwire Kit Extra Long Racer Brake/Gear White


    • Pedals: Look Keo 2 Max White
    • Tape: Lizard Skins DSP 3.2mm Bar Tape
    • Saddle: Duopower Aero
    • Bottle Cages: Lezyne Flow SL side cages
    • Pump: Lezyne road drive white medium
    • Sensors: Garmin magnet-less speed sensor (hub)


    • Wheels: Pro-Lite Revo A21W Iso [detail post]
    • Cassette: Shimano Ultegra 11-28 11v
    • Tyres: Continental GP 4000S II 28mm Reflex

    Progress so far:

  • Kinesis Racelight 4S Disc 63cm Cyan Metallic Blue, Alloy, 819,57 € & 2,2kg

    This was the most laborious decision after an extensive comparation. I was looking for:

    • Disc brakes: I'm a heavy rider (86-89kg) from the north of Spain (rainy all year long), and been waiting for disc brakes since my first 200km brevet raining all day.

    • Wider tyres: I've been all my roadie life on 23mm tires, last year finally tried a 25mm front... lets make it 28mm! (also tubeless, just to see how it works for me)

    • Endurance style: I'll ride brevets, attempt the Madrid-Gijón-Madrid (1200km like PBP) but also have rides just for fun and adventure.

    • Lightweight: Not weightweenies light, but still on a decent weight for a big rider like me, under 10kg would be ok, like my actual Kinesis Decade Convert2 custom

    Also that offered a size big enough for me (1,92m tall), non-carbon (just don't like the material), no more than 1000€ and 2,5kg (including fork)

    In the box you get a frame, fork and small box with parts:

    The small parts box content:

    The Di2 exit holes came without plugs (I think they don't provide them)

    The front brake hole paint is a little chipped :

    More pics here:

  • Controltech Formidable, White, Alloy, 44cm, 67,24€ & 325gr

    Falled in love with this handlebar in my past build, I can't understand why it was discountinued...

    • A flat and wide enough top bar for my big hands resting while climbing
    • Ergo bends in the drops that adapt well to my hands
    • The bends in the corners of the top are great for an extra position for
      long rides.
    • Cable guides under the top bar, great for a clean view

    Full album here:

    PS: Thanks to @Vince for the acetone post , I'll try it next week (and will do apply to the seatpost and steam also).

  • You buy the grommets with the groupset, they wouldn't normally be supplied with the bike. Not very expensive though, don't worry.

  • Awesome, @bertocq! Looking forward to you figuring all the difficult bits out so I don't have to :)

  • Oh and word of warning. I was running a Garmin 500 out front with an SJ4000 wifi camera (gopro clone) below it mounted under the bars and the camera somehow interfered with the GPS reception a lot. Don't know if a proper gopro would cause the same interference but worth checking!

  • Thanks @TurtleRecall :). I think I'm going to use the GoPro mount for the front light, since usually my GoPro goes on the helmet for improving stability on bumpy descents

    , and directioning for good shoots

    Apart from the rear brake cable routing, the rest of the frame building seems pretty straight forward.. need to buy some tools for the fork crown race install and steerer tube cutting, and thats all :). The multiports will make the cable routing easy I think.

  • The handlebars are reduced because they're EXTREMELY ugly.

  • On the plus side, they do have little Gran Turismo logos on them.

  • I said they discontinued the production of those models, not reduced. Although ugliness is kind of subjective, performance is measurable, and those handlebars are much more ergonomic than many other alloy or carbon models, just try them if you can.

    I'm old (and mature) enough to know that performance is always better than "visual perfection" and much more better than what other people think of it... Take for example my Duopower saddle, you'll struggle to find someone that says a nice thing about it.. but it really gets my ass over long and hard days sitting on it, and you can even read why the design has more logic than the "classic" saddle.

    What I can accept is that the color combination I'm trying to build (blue frame, white parts, black for the rest) will be seen as extremely ugly by many of you, as much as I think carbon road bikes are ugly... but you'll never see me posting my opinion about carbon on your kid's bike thread.

    So, thanks for the appreciation, but this is not a salon/cafe bike build, sorry for the disappointment.

  • whatever works, my dude

  • Just got the Doval Chainrings: 52/36, 110BCD, 16% ovality, 180gr from

    Also the Power2Max Type S with FSA Gossamer cranks, 110BCD, 175mm

    All just "presented" (I know there's 2 bolts missing and the letters upside down :D)

  • Looks good! Do you use those rings on other bikes?

    I'm still waiting to find it in stock anywhere in 63cm blue!

  • No, first time with Doval's. Talked a lot with @CarlosBI about them after reading his article where I discovered that brand

    The @kinesisuk guys seems like on permanent vacation: still no response to my 3 week old email... Hope they resupply early! Do you have already the groupset, wheels and parts?

  • Cool! Interested to hear what you think of the Dovals.

    I've got no complaints about the Kinesis guys comms, I've messaged them on facebook a few times on weekends and got replies back almost instantly. I asked them about the mudguards they used, and also about where I could get hold of the big blue frame and when they'd have a new shipment. I'd recommend messaging them on FB if you're having trouble getting in touch.

    I've already got the Ultegra hydro disc groupset and most of the finishing kit. Still unsure about wheels - I'm thinking the Kinesis Crosslight v4 wheelset from Merlin looks like a good deal at £260, but as there's no frames available I'm thinking I might wait until January sales for wheels etc, see if I can pick up some bargains...

  • They replied today :). Anyway my questions where already answered.

    @Smallfurry has commented about his experience riding Dovals, Rotors and Osymetrics in the Non Circular Chainrings thread. With the power2max I got for free a set of Praxis Works 52/36 chainrings (round) just in case the Dovals don't suit me well.

    About the wheels, just released an article about tubeless options (if thats what you're looking for) I have to do some extra research to find a all the options for tubeless, 28 or 32 spokes with 3 crosses and non-carbon.

    If you get mad waiting... my other frameset candidates where:

    • Condor Fratello Disc (a bit heavier, without internal cable routing, but lovely Columbus Spirit tubing :D and classic look)
    • Mason Definition (still doesn't have the 62cm size available, the most expensive but also best looking)
  • So how's your build coming along? I've just ordered my frameset from probikekit. Extra 10% off Kinesis stuff at the moment and it just came back into stock now. I think I've now got everything to build it...

  • Great! Hope you can finish the build soon :). I'm still stuck at ordering parts... :(

  • Finally got all the parts (except wheels, seat and seatpost that will be lent temporarily)

    Let the building games begin!

  • Looking forward to seeing this all built up! I'll hijack your thread when I finally completely finish mine (front mudguard still to go on).

    PS - It rides great, discs are soooo much better than rim brakes.

  • Wheels are finally in and mounted, I've chosen the Pro-Lite A21W Iso with Continental GP 4000SII 28mm Reflex, Conti inner tubes and Red Veloplugs under their rim tape, for extra protection against my weight on bumpy roads.

    Rotors are 160mm TRP that came with the Spyre's but soon the rear will be a 140mm because they fucked up the frame design or the welding and it has just a 1mm clearance with the chainstay. At least they are sending a 140mm adaptor so I can try that option...

    More pictures of the wheels here, they got a nice price tag in wiggle, the set in my scale weighted 1,652kg "naked", and 2,980gr fully built with a 11-28 Ultegra cassette. I'm still waiting for a custom built front wheel with a SP PD-8 Dynamo hub and 32 spokes.

  • So how's the build coming along? Any pics of it built up yet?

  • Finally got some time to get the gears going on

    Just need to get a bikefit to choose the correct stem/seatpost... and then will get the handlebar ribbon done and the fork steerer cut.

  • Well, finally got to test it on some rides (100km the longest) and then got a bikefit to fine-tune the saddle and handlebar positions, I wasn't far away from the final position but it definitely improved a bit.

    Final position pics, and the borrowed 110m -17º stem.

    Now I just need to find the final white stem and seatpost, cut the steerer tube and wrap the final handlebar tape.

    The framebag and fuelpod will take a month or so to arrive from

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Kinesis Racelight 4S Disc Custom built

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