• Would love to see drops on the Preuss

  • Grr, it's all so very good. How's the Concorde?

  • Thank for words, Concorde is waiting for C-rec parts..

    Just got this shitty picture of it on Sheriff wheels

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  • All time favorite frame set

  • Can anyone help me to find a 27,2 SR seat post for the Super pista ?

    Now with 170mm crank, 49 teeth chainring and period correct dust caps

    And a 2A/Pista combo with Benotto tape matching the toe straps

  • I may have a SR post, I'll have a hunt and see what I can find.

  • @Sig_Arlecchino quite honest, but I think I would prefer a « singer bolt » version for this one..

    @SideshowBob please !

  • Random Q: is the TT on the Preuss ovalised or round?

  • @fizzy.bleach tube section looks like a triangle, you could see it in this brochure

    Columbus Altec 2 + « pro series » is quite nice, really high end tubing set..

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  • Bernard Preuss craftsmanship on this is one is insane, everything feel so right on it..

    Light, stiff, crazy reactive, paint is so good too..

    Preuss alloy frameset are very uncommon, he’s more famous for his steel production but woah..

    Sometime the reason took the advantage and I feel like « I should probably sell it » then I glance a look a it and think «  well, it could wait a bit.. »

  • Dibs if you do sell! Such a sick frame

    Loving all your projects at the moment, any update with the Concorde?

  • @spicknspangled not really unfortunately.

    Could see it here in the background..

    I’ve got an Ita Record Pista bottom in my spare parts box, need to find/buy a Record Pista 170mm crank, and decide if I want low or high C-Record hubs..

    Cockpit and saddle aren’t definitive, any advice welcome..

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  • The Concorde is stunningly vibrant

  • advice ?
    The Chorus heaset can>>>>>>>>>>>>
    3TTT pista combo
    a NOS saddle
    Full C record pista, Shamals pisto

    Sell me this white concord for my
    no radial on the Bianchi

  • cheers hacha. I was curious to see if it was built with the TT or road tubeset (or a mix). I'm developing a mad idea of building my own frame using the same tubing.

  • Found the brother

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  • As a reminder..

    Both came with French threaded SR parts..

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  • I wasn’t really into my bike project those past months, gonna fix this soon

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  • Dat victoria is lovely

  • @e54 seen a matching road on Facebook group

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  • User of the (dying?) pignonfixe.com forum, happy to see you have a thread open here too ! So much pron stuff ...

  • perfectly agree with you ...

  • So good to read French bike building adventures here

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A mostly track bike diary.. [ currently 83 Bianchi Super Pista, Concorde, Derosa etc]

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