• Due to the interest aroused by my project in CP, here is the thread about my stuff.

    (sorry for my approximative english, I'm native french)

    As a reminder:

    Few month ago, I've bought a lot of stuff to an ex regional racer close to my home in north of France.

    Including a time trial lopro frame, this frame:

    Even-if my eyes were crying the dubious paint scheme and the ugly Coda stem, I easily identify it as a SMG production.

    SMG means "soudures et mesures garanties" (Weld & measurement guarantee), the company was founded by Jean Frelat which was (to my point a view) one of the most talented frame builder of this time. (in France)

    The typical characteristic are the following:

    -fully soudobrazed frame (except BB).
    -double seat post clamping.
    -Camus AERO 7/10 tubing.
    -Track drop out vertically brazed, with derailleur mount on it.

    Here is an other one:

    Interested in french framebuilder's work since a long time, I decided to give him some love so it regains is former allure, despite the none original fork, the ugly paint scheme and the top tube's poc

  • So following the monologue:

    Because of the difference in the finishing frame and fork, I was asking myself about the geometry, 650/700, 700/700 ?

    During the dismantling I found this in the head tube:


    This is a leaflet of the shop in which it was bought, in the back:

    "1 frame only, lo pro, orange/red paint scheme, racing team" (Picquiny is the name of the city where the shop is installed)

    I guess it's a trace of SMG's workshop, which suggests that the frame was purchased alone.

    After asking the owner of the shop (still in activity), he confirmed that the frame was by alone, and was studied for 700/700 geo.

    After that I scoured it, and masticated the poc, cleaned the different thread. "Rustoled" it inside and outside to prevent corrosion, and here is the result:

    Yesterday I've started the paint with a glossy Opalescent Grey from Jaguar's catalog:

    I've recently out aside this:


    and this:

    So I hope it will be ready for building at the end of the week.

    without it, here are my other current ride and project:

    Also this beater/commuting/winter project

    And theses wheels waiting for frames:

  • 1 first in da place !
    impressive collection !

  • so much pron! good luck with the project

  • Looking forward to this a lot, definitely deserves its own thread. Frame looks superb!

  • !!!

    Such a good collection

  • the somec looks really interesting

  • Hacha, chapeau.... Awsome

  • Love your bikes

  • So much for your English - impeccable! The bikes aren't so bad too :)

  • Nice set of bikes!

    What does "spads" mean?

  • Thanks to all, IMO the Daccordi & the Superb are finished. I'm slowly completing the Somec with some DA 7400 parts.

    I'm still thinking about gangsta's improvement (Disc Fork? V1 fork ? Eno crank ? Paul hubs on CXP 12 anthracite? yellow grips? still some hesitation)

    I also got some OG stickers for new paint scheme if needed.

    Not sure to keep the Cyfac 700/700 at the moment, and I would like C-rec parts for the Cauvain..Already got some C rec pista low flange hub needing rims, Campa Pista set isn't gorgeous on it..

    The commuting projet is: scour & varnish the frameset, 1x8 transmission with DA 7400 rear derailleur, 8s MTB shifter on a riser. Probably Mavic Cosmic wheels..

    @Gaston_Fr You've won a beer ! I know you're also able in terms of bicycle tuning

    @conquistador Yes the Somec deserves proper pics, I will do some soon.

    @fizzy.bleach Thx, "spads" is an expression which means aircraft in my campaign, it's quite common to use this term to designate bike in France. Maybe more in MTB world.

  • @HACHA
    Smg route est toujours chez toi

  • Rad bikes. That Somec frame...hmmmm

  • @voxelwise


    Le bleu ? il vit désormais des soirées parisiennes

  • Ok

  • That Daccordi is out of this world man.

  • @Antidotes Thx, I love it to. According seller and search, it's one of the four professional pursuit frame build for the Fanini team around 1986. Handcraft by Viner with a mix of columbus SLX and Gilco first tubing set series.

    Few more pics (already posted in CP in the past)

    It needs a rear Campy track 32h the rear wheel come from the Superb. I already got the Open Sup 32 from the same generation than the front one.

  • Slowly shit happened

  • Paint looks amazing, let us see the whole bike!

  • How it look at the moment:

    I need to find a quill stem in 22mm insert to finish the build, and check some detail

  • Looks great. Interesting to see another SMG - I have a stayer SMG which was the French demi fond record holder in '86.
    All the Best

  • disc swap

  • Refound my post in forum's abyss..
    What about a thread update 2 years later ?

    The SMG TT bike (starting point of this thread) isn't mine anymore, here is the latest Fra's set up

    It was hard to let it go (as many frameset I've sold) but I've found a ratty track SMG frameset who perfectly fit me to console myself

    Jean Frelat's work is impressive (IMO)

    Job on the rear triangle of this one is something..

    I'm a bit less into 80´s racing stuff those days, but I can feed the thread with overpriced TIG welded stuff & coming project..?

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