• Hello,

    I've recently had my Cannondale Supersix 3 Ultegra 2013 black road bike, 54cm, stolen – Tuesday 3rd Nov '15, between 2.30pm and 3.45pm in Norwich centre.

    It was locked in the bike rack in the walkway from the little square which McDonalds looks on to, up to the library – between the side of Next and a church.

    Reported to the police straight away. They mentioned something about CCTV but I don't feel they're going to look/try, but hopefully I'm wrong on that. Maybe they will.

    There was a Big Issue seller at the library end of the bike racks when I locked my bike at 2.30pm (I locked it near the other end). I've been back several times (yesterday and Saturday) and he hasn't been there, and another BI seller on the main shopping street near there, wearing a jester hat, said that seller has disappeared. I doubt very much he was the thief, I wanted to ask him if he saw anything. Left a flyer with the BI seller I spoke to offering a £100 reward for any info which leads to the recovery of the bike and he said he'd put it up in the BI office, which was good of him.

    In excellent condition, old fashioned stainless steel toe clip and strap pedals, Continental GP4000sII tyres. Black Lizard Skin handlebar tape.

    If anyone happens to see something like it being sold do please let me know.

    It wasn't insured (I was under the impression, stupidly, and hadn't looked into it, that insuring bikes locked up in public places was ridiculously expensive and hard to comply with stipulations, but that appears to be not entirely right I've found out since) and I am unable to replace it at the moment.

    Frame Number: KM73833 also 3ULC0054/BBQ B1-0302
    Crime Reference Number: 36|13041|15


  • Ah man, gutted. I'll keep an eye out. A Supersix with clips and straps should be fairly easy to spot if it's still in town.

    You seem pretty on top of it, so I'm sure you already have, but it'll be worth setting up searches on Gumtree and eBay in case someone tries to flog it.

  • Yup, keeping a close eye on Gumtree and eBay. Thanks. I guess selling it was the motivation behind the theft, rather than to use it. When and where though, they're the questions.

  • Well, you never know, but I'd have thought the temerity it'd take to steal a bike and then ride it around a City as small as Norwich is probably beyond most petty thieves!

    From looking at the Stolen Bikes thread occasionally, it seems bikes can and do move around the country pretty quickly, so it could even be worth posting in the London/Cambridge sections if you haven't already?

  • No I haven't posted in the London or Cambridge sections. Good idea, will do now. Thanks.

  • What second hand / pawn type shops are the in or around Norwich which the thief might use to sell the bike? (I don't live in Norwich and don't know it in detail.) I'm thinking of visiting any such shops and looking/asking them. Thanks.

  • There's a Cash Converters on St Benedicts Street that often has bikes in, but that's all I can think of in terms of pawn shops.

    It might also be worth asking around some of the less commercial bike shops to see if anyone's been in trying to flog it. I used to work at Bicycle Links, which is a 'community bike co-op thing' and we'd get almost daily requests to buy bikes that were clearly nicked. Same goes for The Dandy Horse - I've been in there when people have tried to sell Matt things too.

  • OK, great, thanks. I'll have a look and ask in CC. Also Bicycle Links and The Dandy Horse – great suggestions, I'll ask there too. Thanks.

  • There is a Cash Converters on Plumstead Road as well although I would think that they are fairly hot on nicked bikes being a larger company. There is also Secondhand Land on Magdalen Street.

    Have you tried asking in MacDonalds or Next to see if they have CCTV that they could check for you? If they won't let you look you might be able to persuade them to check and then you can tell the Police if they see something.

    Also, the Norwich Big Issue section is here. Don't know if that'll help you try and track the seller down?

  • Stick your mobile number up (spelt out in words so you don't get spammed) so someone can call/text if they see it. Might be too late the the time you get around to reading your PM's.

  • Will visit that CC also, and that Secondhand Land. Great, thanks.

    Have you tried asking in MacDonalds or Next to see if they have CCTV that they could check for you? If they won't let you look you might be able to persuade them to check and then you can tell the Police if they see something.

    That's an excellent suggestion. I'll do that.

    I had seen that BI page. The guy on the bottom, Simon, is who I spoke to who said the seller had disappeared and would put the flyer up in the BI office. When I next visit Norwich I'll see if the original BI seller is there, failing that if Simon is there, and see if there's any further info. Probably won't be, but worth asking.

  • Yup good idea, thanks. Best number is: Oh one three five nine, two five nine, six four eight. Thanks.

  • I found Cash Providers on Magdalen Street too, right near The Dandy Horse.

    Are there any bike shops worth visiting?, in particular are there any that deal in second hand bikes?


  • I pass the Cash Convertors on St. Benedicts every day and I've been keeping an eye on the window/popping in when I can. No sign so far I'm afraid but I'll keep it up

  • OK, will do, thanks.

  • Great, thanks. Shall be visiting there today to leave a flyer with them. Thanks very much.

  • Did the rounds today, visited all the places (not Cash Providers on Magdalen Street which I mentioned though, it didn't look appropriate at all) and left flyers. Cash converters on Plumstead Road (presumably this applies to the one on St Benedicts Street too) were adamant they wouldn't take a bike (or anything? can't remember) from someone without ID, so a thief wouldn't do that. Or if he did he'd be giving himself up. Although false ID isn't impossible.

    I asked in Next about CCTV. They said none of their cameras show outside. I didn't ask in McDonalds for some reason. I may phone them or write to them. I did notice a CCTV camera, two actually, on the side of the, I forget its name, something like TV and Film shop, looking onto the square that the library looks on to, up from the bike racks where my bike was. I asked in there, they pointed me to an office in the library building but to the right of the library before you go into the library. The guy said it doesn't show any of the square. I'm not convinced. He was monumentally unhelpful. Except he did say the police have a CCTV camera looking onto the square in front of the library. And sure enough, they do. Right up on the corner of their building looking down onto the library square. It would only see the top end of the bike racks, I locked my bike at the bottom end (that end would be obscured by the church), but if the thief went up the hill after getting the bike rather than the other way, he'd be seen by the police camera I think. So maybe I should ask the police?!

    I did come across this in my various searches:
    So the police do follow bike thefts up sometimes. Quite similar that story. Norwich centre, early/mid afternoon, a Cannondale.

    Anyway, thanks for the help.

  • Have you asked in the church? They often have better security set ups than a lot of shops do

  • I had a word with them a while ago when I was looking for the Big Issue seller who was there. But not about CCTV. Yes they might have something. Will ask when I'm in Norwich next. Thanks.

  • Any joy with this?

  • You mean with finding the bike in general or CCTV from the church?

    If CCTV: I just haven't been able to get to Norwich since. Am planning to in the next few days. And will ask then. My crappy bike is temporarily out of action at the moment, new bits should arrive tomorrow, so Norwich, just checked the weather and it looks not too bad, possibly tomorrow.

    If finding the bike: No. Sadly not. I got a letter from Norfolk police about a week ago saying they'd had a look at the "CCTV in the area, unfortunately the cameras in the area were facing away from the location during the crime times reported. There is no other CCTV in that location." and that's that so far as they're concerned. Unless they come across it some other way I suppose. It's a sod. :(

  • Both, but it doesn't sound like you've had much luck either way :(

    I'm still keeping an eye out and I'm sure the rest of us too, hope you find it!

  • I'm still keeping an eye out and I'm sure the rest of us too,

    Thanks Rikki, much appreciated. Especially as I live some distance from Norwich so can't really keep an eye out in Norwich myself, not very often anyway.

    I did make it into Norwich today though. The St. Peter Mancroft Church, just near where my bike was stolen: No CCTV at all, unfortunately. Oh well, worth an ask.

  • No problem! My BMX was pinched whilst I was at uni and it was a very sour experience. Shame about the CCTV, I really thought that they'd have some sort of security system in place

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Cannondale Supersix black road bike stolen in Norwich city centre, between McDondalds and the library

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