• Collection from N6 or EC1V. I will post but I'd rather not for this one as it isn't so small.

    I might have more luck on Retrobike for this but I thought I'd try here first. I bought this about a year ago from Skinny Erics in Hackney Wick as my girlfriend's commuter. She's since got a new bike so I've finally put this up for sale. It's in very good working condition, but there are some chips to the paintwork as the images show. I think it dates from the 80s, and is a lovely bike. I don't think you'd be able to float it through the mainline at Swinley but as a commuter it's perfect and pretty rare if you've got a thing for retro MTBs. I think it dates from the 1980s, but I'm sure someone could correct me on that.

    55cm top tube
    50cm seat tube
    Reynolds custom made frame
    Shimano Biopace 3 x 6 gearing
    Friction shifters, indexed rear
    Halo Twinrail tyre, perfect condition
    Front rack for those shopping trips
    Will also include a set of mudguards (and can fit these if you need me to)


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  • Dibs Pending inspection

  • front rack ID pls

  • that's cool. Don't need it, just thought I'd say.

  • I agree :)

  • that's the nuts if i can be frank

  • ooof. that's nice

  • so sick

  • Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

  • Oh god. I want this.

  • Dear God!!!!!

  • This still for sale? If yeah, hit me up. ohfour 07nine eight11 twoseven8. Can pick up anywhere.

  • Apologies, I should have updated this. Someone has dibsed it is coming to to see it on Wednesday, so it is on hold for them. If you're interested then you're more than welcome to PM me to add your name to the queue. I will contact people in the order that they have pmed me.

    Thanks for all the interest.

  • If whoever buys this is feeling extra cool and wants to pass on it, holler at me. I've got cash in hand and would love to have this whip.

  • RAAAAAAAAAAD so rad.

  • This is now sold. Thanks for all the interest.

  • Whip is mine. Possibly going up on Current Pro's in a few days..

    Shout-out's to +bmx_fred - Top seller.

  • Good buy thrash!


Bob Jackson Retro Mountain Bike with rack, perfect monstorcross commuter

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