SOLD: OT: 6-slice toasters for sale.

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  • Have you ever wanted more than a measly 4 slices of toast? I have.

    Sadly, I don't have space for these guys any more so they gotta go.

    Note: both toasters now sold.

    Both toasters are freshly cleaned and in fully working order with all parts included.
    They both have the ability to only heat 2 or 4 slots instead of the full 6 if you're not feeling all that hungry and want to conserve power.

    They are both also fully serviceable, you can take them apart to deep clean them or replace the elements really easily.
    Replacement elements are readily available online.

    Ideally they would be collected from London N8 (nr. Turnpike Lane).
    But if necessary, I could post at cost or deliver them somewhere not too far away. I can fit them (one at a time) in my backpack.

    The first one is a Lincat LT6X Catering Toaster.

    more pics

    If you know anything about catering equipment then you know that Lincat is the real deal. This one even has the option to power just ONE SLOT! Just one piece of toast! I bet you've never seen another toaster that's that power-concious.

    This one's a bit faster than the Dualit and attractive in a different way (see added pics for super-mirror-effect surface!).

    These were selling for more than the Dualit when I got them both, but there seems to be a lull in the market at the moment, so it's yours for £SOLD.

    The second is a Dualit 6 Slot Vario toaster and this bad boy can rattle out 240 slices per hour. That's more than twice as fast as Robert Förstemann!!!

    more pics

    If anyone is looking for an attractive, yet high-quality toaster for a café, coffee shop or restaurant establishment then this would be perfect. Alternatively (if you've got more kitchen-top space than me) it would also be a very worthy addition to any household kitchen.

    Yours for £SOLD

  • Now I would like a toast.

  • PM sent to you

  • Dare I ask why you had a requirement for upwards of 500 slices of toast per hour?

  • Haha, great thread!

  • Of course it is, it's mine.

    Both of these fail to deliver that most satisfying of pop up noises though and for that reason I'm out. #bumpthough

  • True, but if you're toasting little Vogel slices (and let's be honest, why would you not be?) then you can whack the lever and catapult them out of the top; which is arguably even more satisfying.

  • Let's just say it was a dark and disturbing period of my life.

  • Oh. What did you use on the Duralit to get it so shiney?

    Mine is really dull particularly the aluminium ends.

  • ref lincat lt6x - how much toasted posted UK?

  • I just used kitchen surface cleaner followed immediately by a clean cloth (one in either hand).
    If you're still having trouble then you can buy this food-safe chrome polish stuff that's pretty magic.
    Or just some Brasso.

  • I just measured and weighed it and the cheapest option is coming at £16.40 with Parcel Force :/

  • Ta!

  • OK, PM me your location and let's see if we can arrange a less financially prohibitive transaction :)


SOLD: OT: 6-slice toasters for sale.

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