Tommasini Tecno Tig

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  • bartape refernce on the yellow tommasini please !!

  • Ha! I didn't realise until just now that it was you that had asked about Campag cranks and BB: that's why it was fresh in my mind.😁

  • Nice stem.

    Just be careful when securing the bars- 1Rs are notorious for slipping (which I can attest to).

    If the current bars are close enough in width/angle, I'd leave them where they are. Otherwise, tighten new bars firmly, but careful with the bolt obv. I've also seen one with a cracked/glued internal wedge, which didn't work out!

    I was advised on a thin layer of grease to help with the grip, which seemed to do the trick.

  • Damn, the wedge is cracked! Would this be a red flag then? Initially I though it would be fine, but you have actually used these stems before. It would probably slip then right? Let me get an image of the damned thing.

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  • Hard to see from the pic, but do you mean it's lost a bit from the bottom (right side)? The one I had actually had crack across the centre that had been glued back together. As I could force it to slip in the work stand, I picked up a replacement wedge through the classifieds.

    I'd say that you ride at your own risk... Perhaps seek the advice of more seasoned experts on here, but maybe it depends whether you're pootling along at 20mph or descending down mountains??

  • Haha, yeah! It's not cracked, it has a bit missing! I haven't had any luck finding one on here. But there are 3 on ebay, all at around £40, which is a bummer. It's going to be the same amount I paid for the stem and handlebar.

    For now i'm going to be "pootling" hahaha. But i'm actually going Mexico this summer and looking to take my bike with me. Now I have to search for a bike travel bag.

  • Can't go wrong with the Nitto Pearl stem. Much nicer finish than the "milky anodized" finish on current Cinelli quill stems.

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  • Ha, I’d forgotten all about this thread. Still a lovely frame, sorry that the 1R stem didn’t work out for you in the end!

    Are you sure that you don’t want gumwall tyres though? :)

  • You are definitely on it. Gumwall tyres and black shallow rims would definitely look better.

    I'm thinking on getting a second bike. Hard to choose what...

  • Love these Pinhead security skewers. They are much lighter than the QR Campy ones I had.
    I have seen Pros use these for aero purposes as well. Makes sense. They are really discrete.

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  • Quite aero..

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  • For some reason can't add more than one image on a comment :/

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Tommasini Tecno Tig

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