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  • So after riding my mum's old Giant small road bike (53 or 54 size) for a long time, I decided to finally fork out on a frame more suitable for my height (185cm). This will hopefully be a full documentation of my bike project. Any tips, advice and comments are most welcome and appreciated.

    (The good ol' purple Giant)

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  • Decided to go for this; a Tommasini TecnoTig from the late nineties (I think). The frame size is about 58. And that is as much as I know about the frame.

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  • I was searching for a steel frame in blue or white paint, with chrome rear stays and fork. So I found this and really liked the frame. But there will be some changes to the components!

    1. Change that ugly seatpost and saddle. Find a Campagnolo aero style seatpost, and either a white Selle San Marco Concor saddle or maybe even a Cinelli Volare saddle, if a double rainbow decides to show up in east London.
    2. Change the Deda stem and get a quill stem (probably a Nitto Pearl quill stem, Cinelli 1A or if i'm lucky to find one, a Cinelli 1R)
    3. Change LOOK pedals to MKS Royal Nuevo or some other Campy pedals with straps.
    4. Change brake calipers to the Athena skeleton calipers I have stashed away.
    5. Replace gear and brake cables and cable housing to white.
    6. Change handlebar tape to blue/white fade tape (or just white).
    7. Hopefully find some white rubber hoods for the brake levers.
    8. Get a longer Campy bb, as the smaller chain ring is WAY too close to the frame.
    9. Find an alloy headset locknut to replace the ugly black plastic one that's on it.

    And once there are more 'figures' in my bank account, I am hoping to get some wheels built to the H plus son TB14 rims I bought a while ago, with Sapim Race spokes and brass nipples.

    I have a long way to go!!!

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  • If money was no object, I would race to put the Campagnolo Record 8 speed groupset. It is probably one of the most beautiful groupsets, in my opinion. (Haha, this particular set was sold at around £1000!!!). At the mo, I will stick with the 9 speed Campy Veloce groupset.

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  • Lovely frame, build plans sound nice too. Surely though 2. & 9. don't mix

  • Thanks Voxel. What do you mean? Currently, the Deda stem is fitted using one of those threaded to threadless adapters. So I just need to pop out the Deda stem and fit any other quill stem. I'm most likely going to use a Cinelli quill stem.

  • Scratch that. Speed reading. I misread alloy headset 'locknut' for 'stem-cap'.

  • haha, fair enough. I always do that when studying to try 'finish' faster.

  • Update: I have removed most of the components. Put on a generic quill stem and seatpost to see how it looks with silver components. Will be looking to purchase a Campy bb, 111-113mm spindle length, to be able to use the chainset safely.

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  • Update: More free time now. Have replaced the cables and housing and handlebar tape. New Continental 4 Season tyres and tubes. I managed to find a NOS Campy bottom bracket, of about 115mm. Have not found a clean Campy Chorus/Record chainset, so have installed an old Dura Ace chainset, for now. The brakes are Athena Skeleton.

    Will look to change the saddle, seatpost and the handlebar in the near future.

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  • Would any of you have a Campagnolo aero style seatpost 27.2mm? Something not too tatty, well looked after. But it doesn't have to be impeccable.

  • Update: Found a seatpost and changed the black hoods to white.

  • Update: I've pretty much completed the bike. The only component I would change would be the stem and the rims. I have been eyeing up the Ryde Pulse Sprint rims. That would have to wait for now.

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  • What bars are those?

  • Sorry for the late reply. They are ITM PRO 260 handlebars, with two grooves each side for cables.

  • Good bike….i really know that bike.
    Good choices

  • I m the bike seller which sold you that .
    I was not able to understand how to get it better….but after two years now i m better, finally.
    I m waiting fout tommasini frame set from 1990 era, but this time i ll build its as they need.

  • Hi lele,
    Do show me your new Tommasini when you finish building it! Tommasini bikes are my favourite!
    All the best!

  • Hi, i got more than one tommasini…here the pictures ( you can find on my ebay too ).

  • Here my Tommasini

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  • And the tecno tig too…you can see on my ebay

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  • Very nice bikes! One day I will visit the factory.

  • Finally found a Cinelli 1R quill stem for cheap!! It's not in bad condition.

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  • Which cranks and bottom bracket did you end up using?

    Campag 115mm is for their triple; pre-1995 all doubles used 111mm; from 1995 (when they started putting groupset names on components, Record & Chorus used 102mm.

  • Hey Scilly,
    Haha, well I actually haven't got the cranks yet. But it will be the Chorus cartridge BB with the Record crankset. Just watching the cranks on ebay and hopefully snipe for a good price!
    I was so stupid and forgot to bid on some Record cranks that went for £20 last week!

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Tommasini Tecno Tig

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