For Sale Tommasini Olympic Lo Pro 57cm

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  • New page fail and tldr, utfs etc. -

    Why not sell it on here for a reasonable price, what you paid originally less the parts or near that price to someone who lives in London and will appreciate it and actually ride it? No one is sayin you have to loose money and im sure someone will be willing to pay a price reflective of what it originally sold for. If you really 'love' it then you could sell it to someone local who will agree to give you first refusals when that moment comes?

    I just think that its bad form to buy for 'cheap' on here to then try sell for blatant profit on ebay, you haven't even tried to sell it here for at least what you would get from an ebay sale - about £675 which you state - which is what slightly annoys me. If you really need the moneys then how about this, you could advertise the frame for 'forum members' cash in hand collection only kinda price and essentially also sell at inflated east asia prices on ebay. Its against the 'rules' technically but I wouldn't complain personally if the forum price was reasonable.

    Oh and on another note, If you bought a cinelli laser for a oner then why would you even bother to sell it? Your never gonna get another one for that price and your better off getting a loan and having the laser as collateral? or doing some sort of insurance scam..

    @Monoglaze I beg you do one to pedalroom... talking some madness.. literally.

  • If you would be willing to offer it on here for a decent price I'd be interested

  • Its still peak man, you fully pushed the price down, you didn't pay asking you pushed me down by £50. I mean I don't really mind but it just goes against the community feel i guess?

  • I agree man, I'm so sorry I would've rather sold it to you but he got the first dibs and wanted to go along with community guidelines. But yeah it is sad to see this stuff... He paid 750 for it I think

  • Just one thing is that I know I could've got more for it, people were constantly telling me how much of a steal it was etc... but i felt if I got it for a decent price of 1k i thought i should shift it on for a steal because that's kinda what we are about. I totally understand if you needed the money and stuff, it makes sense, but like you pushed me down on price and are now selling the frame for more than the entire build. it just seems like a bit of a kick in the teeth but if you gotta do it you gotta do it. I just feel bad for dragunov and people.

    blessings and love,


  • This forum needs more like you and less like him. Nice one Higo!

  • You knew full well you could sell it here and somebody would snap it up quickly, thus avoiding eBay fees. Is it against the rules selling it on eBay for higher? No, but it is a dick move.

    And as for not knowing it's true value until @haveo mentioned something, I highly doubt, judging by your seller name and knowledge on eBay.

    The point is it may or may not affect the seller (in this case it has), what it does do is effect others who are truly interested in it, and creates a place where people are apprehensive to sell things at a decent price, for fear of having that undermined by people like you, and your 'friends'.

  • Yo guys, I understand the frustration and all, but Si did have good intentions for this bike. Came as a bit of a shock to me to see it on the bay this morning but I understand when you've got to make money quickly you have to do it. I also understand how it can be really shitty for people who want this bike or wanted to see it within the forum, but just don't give him too much of a hard time. I get both sides of the argument but tbh sometimes this stuff happens you know?

    Peace and love x

  • Wanker, Fuckaroo

  • You still here?

  • Try making it less obvious next time huh.

  • I have no dog in the fight, but that would have sold here quicker than on ebay. After ebay and pp fees the net to seller would probably be higher too.

  • Inteteresting.

    Though do you really think someone would ask a question (e.g. was this on eBay?) to then answer it on the other account?
    Not many of the links really seem to be backing the other up, just following in the same vein of the other or that of the thread.
    Both of them clearly have similar interests which would explain that nicely.

    Also why would you have two accounts and make separate CP's for both of them.

  • All I'm saying is it's very suspect. As well as @Di2ride only ever writing on posts by these two.

    Then all three magically appear at the same time I write a comment to give me shit.

    I'm pretty sure at least two of the three, if not all, are the same person. If not then I'll apologise.

  • No idea who is who, but sock-puppetting has been a fairly common occurrence on threads like this.

  • Normally I wouldn't give a shit. But this seemed suss right after my original comment was made.

    Like I said @Di2ride has been here two years, sixteen comments. All in threads by the other two, and always backing them up.

    They may or may not be. They are all dicks anyway.

  • Trading i.e. buying and selling for profit is banned on Singletrack forum. I always thought that was a good idea.

  • BigH in reply to @hugothenord1

    Lets hope it doesnt go on ebay in a couple weeks..

    You have powers brother.

  • yeah well, that was all very interesting but it seems the courier gods smiled on me; its my bike now.
    @hugothenord1 said it all, shes a fucking beaut' and goes like a rocket
    i doubt i will ride her everyday for work, she's far to pretty, but at least once a week i think during the summer - maybe for a friday pose
    if i do ever decide to sell, i will put it up here first.
    but 1st dibs have already gone and it will be the price i want, not what you all think it should be, so dont start getting pissy like above

  • it will be the price i want, not what you all think it should be, so dont start getting pissy like above

    Lel. What price is that then.. double what it sold for on here?

  • Oh fuck, not this thread again! Just put it in current projects or something.

  • looool - All I could think was 'grub'

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For Sale Tommasini Olympic Lo Pro 57cm

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