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  • who's hiring these days that's decent? Haven't done any delivery job since take eat easy moved out.

    I have 3 weeks to kill til I start my new job and was thinking of riding for money. So looking for something that's easy to start, pays quick and has 2-3 hour shifts (can't ride for too much due to athletic commitments). I live in SW but central is fine!

    Any tips?

  • I don't know if this is the right place but ...­nue=387&v=sNxFNoCKkMU

  • About Coopcycle in Europe. A platform that has members in the UK now.

  • Deliveroo rider on scooter (50-100cc) drove through a pedestrian area near me yesterday (W12).

    He drove fast and I told him he shouldn't even be on his scooter.

    He then drove his scooter AT me (and my daughter). And I had to stand in the between my daughter and him.

    Called the police; I really do hope they get him, he did drive under about 3 cctv cameras.

  • What an idiot. Glad you're OK, hope your daughter didn't get too scared?

  • @Oliver Schick
    There was a chap on a nearby balcony having a smoke. We chatted to him afterwards.

    I hope she remembers the nice neighbour.
    Thanks for asking, she didn't react at the time, and I was largely firm but calm (something with which I would hope she is familiar) so she just saw me making a phone call and not going to the park..

  • Anyone working for Gophr? How does it compare?

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