Cannondale Saeco CAAD 6. Again.

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  • Oh well. Time to start a bit of preparation as bits are on the way and I guess I will need some advice.
    Had a CAAD bought from here some time ago and loved the bike to bits, but...because of the move I had to part with the bike unfortunately but I promised myself I'll have it again at some point. And here I am.

    So got a SAECO CAAD 6, currently being a built bike that will get split shortly, once I sort out most of the parts. Only thing remaining from the bike on the picture would be frameset and headset I guess.

    Since I prefer the operation and looks of SRAM, had to sort out a groupset. First thought of getting a mix of RED/Force second hand parts but couldn't be bothered to get it all together + too much mystery about manufacturing years etc.. So ended up getting a full (almost) unused Rival 22 off eBay. The only thing that were used for the test are FD, chain, and rear cassette. Got that lying aside now.

    Next big thing to sort is the wheels. Want to go aero (40-50mm) for the looks (yeah yeah) and, but can't find anything within reasonable budget. Currently keeping my eyes open for a RS80 or DA clinchers, which seem to be good 1500g for the money. Otherwise I'd just go for a new Superstar components 30mm wheels.

    As for stem/bars/seatpost and saddle I am thinking going chinese unbranded carbon. Some lightweight bits to be found there, I'll share the links later.

    Colour scheme will probably be all black..but for the bartape which might be red as Justin Spinelli's bike. But I'm not decided yet.

    So a few questions are...I would love to go sub 7 just purely for the sake of going sub 7...but...I think Rival will be limiting? Might consider RED cranks as these seem to be the biggest weight saver? Also would the +-1500g wheels be enough to hit the target?
    Also would love to hear any advice on the build. Just remember the plan is to be reasonable and spend money the most efficient way.

    It's a first thread like this I'm doing since my project car a few years ago so don't be too harsh.
    HOpefully will be able to entertain you with plenty of pictures.


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  • I have a 2005 CAAD 8 - built with a mix of Apex and force22 cranks, cheap bars and cheap superstar pave 28's and it is 7.6 without even trying.

    I wouldn't bother going unbranded carbon as you'll save virtually nothing weight wise. Although I would recommend a SMP carbon china saddle - light, cheap and surprisingly comfy.
    And I'd probably grab some Superstar Arc30 wide wheels. Spend the savings on good tyres.

  • Cool, thanks. Good to know it's achievable.

    I got my eyes on Elite 30 Ultra black on black clinchers which are 195 now or maybe even Elite 25 tubulars?

    As for the unbranded carbon - reason is it's light, cheap, black. I have an unbranded seatpost and a stem on two different bikes - and they're still going strong which is surprising.

    There's a 95g saddle on Aliexpress for pennies as well as some 100g stem and a <200g seatpost.
    Would love to get some 1300g carbon wheels too but might be just a bit too much for the start...

    Also what's the weight difference between 2015 Rival cranks and Red if anyone knows?


  • Also what's the weight difference between 2015 Rival cranks and Red if anyone knows?

    230g or so

    The older OCT hollow forged cranks are a touch lighter than the 2015 version

  • A significant saving then. Need to take a lookie lookie.

  • A significant saving then. Need to take a lookie lookie.
    Is 10 speed crankset version compatible with 11sp setup?
    Are the chainrings off RIval compatible with RED cranks?


  • Might get away with an eleven speed chain on ten speed chainrings, but I've never tried it.

    Not sure about chainring compatibility either. You'd hope so being five bolt trad chainrings.

  • 11 speed chains are different (outer plates), chain rings are the same as 10 speed.

    So for either 10 or 11 speed you can use whatever chain ring/set combo you want.

  • Some bits woop woop

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  • Was (I think) lucky to pick these up for cheap. Have been well used it appears to me but run true and silky smooth.
    Free tyres and 6600 cassette were a nice bonus.

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  • Got round last night, managed to take it all apart, service the headset with fresh grease and re-tightened. Might go get some new ones but couldn't be bothered. BB bearing on the driveside has to be replaced as there is too much movement, so will just do both.

    Fitted old stem and bars just to have an idea whilst thinking of what to get instead.

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  • whats with that stem?

  • Only one I had I'm afraid. Still trying to find decent all carbon matte sticks on Aliexpress. Will use this one for now I guess hehe

  • Just for a little aesthetics. Get a 120mm stem. Please.

    though 130mm looks even better­9

    and compact bend bars, like FSA, Deda RHM-s, Pro PLT-s or anything :)

  • What size is the frame? 100mm looked alright on my 54.

    Unlike the CAAD10 a 17deg stem doesn't look goofy on a CAAD6 like the above, as the top-tube slopes pretty much imperceptibly.

  • That's one of the inspirations I am looking at every now and then to be fair :)
    Look absolutely fab, but I am guessing the setup would be as the last thing I am famous for is my arm length haha

    Love how stem flows on to bars in one smooth line. <3

    <6.8 is bloody awesome too.

  • It's a 54cm seat tube here as well.
    I am guessing I will have to try a few different stems as I prefer it to be a bit more relaxed fit I'd say.

  • Got the Ksyriums and brakes on. Temp fitted shifters onto old bars. Forgive the saddle and seatpost.
    Defo need longer stem and shallow bars, yes...

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  • Just boosted Chinese economy by a few quid by ordering a couple bits.

    • Ti skewers in black claimed 48g
    • Matt carbon seatpost (27.2/350/25mm offset) claimed 196g
    • Matt carbon saddle claimed 95g
    • Matt carbon stem (6*/90mm) claimed 125g
    • Matt carbon shallow bars (420mm) claimed 180g
    • Matt carbon seatpost clamp claimed 18g
    • Matt carbon water bottles claimed 16g x2

    Hopefully these will arrive before 2020.

  • Right so got some new SS BB30 bearings replaced by my LBS and decided to put the cranks in just now but....the bastards seem to prefer sitting in the box rather than being on a bike!
    Greased the inner surface of the bearing, greased the central axle of the cranks, yet they just don't seem to be willing to go in... ? Might need a gentle tap with some rubber mallet but I haven't got one nearby just now. Tried giving in a slap with a hand - no joy.

    I don't want to ruin neither the new bearings nor the crankset, so what's my next move?


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  • Cup of tea I reckon

  • Tap with a hammer. Ive got the same frame and sram bb30 cranks, they need a bit of force to get in but once theyre sat its fine. Taken them on and off a bunch of times with no issues

  • Much appreciated. Will try later on. How do you make sure it sits square and won't cause any excessive stress to bearings when fitting?

  • The axle should go in a little, enough to get them sat roughly straight. The tap with the hammer isnt enough to knock the bearings out of wack. Just increase the power with the hammer until it goes through

  • Introduce cranks to the freezer

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Cannondale Saeco CAAD 6. Again.

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