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    My name is Craig, and I am a doctor doing a masters degree in sports medicine. Being a keen cyclist, I wanted to do my research into something useful.

    Adult cyclists are dying on roads every day, and I feel not enough is being done to address this with regards to cycling awareness, or raising the issue of safety perception amongst adult cyclists.

    The government have a Bikeability course, which is aimed at children but available for adults. As far as I can see there is no accredited national course specifically for adult cyclists.

    Do people think this could be interesting area to look into? Would people be interested in attending a course aimed at adults?

    Any ideas, suggestions, comments, and sarcasm is welcome.

    Thanks for your time.

  • "Bikeability" and "cycle training" are the same, from what I can tell everyone just says/uses cycle training when talking with adults as it says what it needs for adults. The syllabus and what is aimed to be taught is the same but for obvious reasons the methods of teaching adults and kids effectively differ greatly, also adults usually have more developed skills when they start the training so it's easier for them to access the more advanced lessons/activities. A good instructor will be able to shape the training so the trainee(s) get the most out of it. Like any sort of lesson/teaching the one teaching will have a style and do things a little differently to reach the same end result.

    Lots of adults already attend training for many different reasons, some it's learning how to ride for the first time, some it's seasoned cyclists improving skills, some it's after a crash to learn how to avoid it in the future, so many reasons people seek training. I think those vaired skill levels, reasons and how much adult teaching styles can vary make it very hard to show what you will get as an adult. Also some struggle to get around/away from the picture of the same instructor teaching a kid to ride on a playground in the morning and then teaching an adult to ride on a huge nasty A road in the afternoon.

    Have you considered cycle training?

    More than happy to help find your local providers for you, most will offer free cycle training as councils have big funds for cycling. If you live/work in the areas I work I could even train you. I haven't trained anyone doing it for research but first time for everything.

    Also in the best way possible I'd like to point out that a cyclists death in a crash is the result of an interaction between 2 or more roadusers(the cyclist who dies and others), it's a 2 way interaction and for just as many cyclist mistakes you also have drivers mistakes. If your own perception of cyclists safety is that only cyclists can make a difference then please take some time to think about it.

  • Deja vu?

  • Didn't notice he posted in another bit but whatever hopefully it helps and even better if they have a few sessions to get an understanding.

  • It's here mate - https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/2767­20/#comment12596714

    I stopped reading after the pitchforks and fire came out.

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Perception of safety - research ideas, opinions needed!

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