Mike Burrows urban prototype

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  • I saw this last night. It is amazing looking. Wondered about the wheels and torsional rigidity.

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  • @obscurant isn't that your bike?

  • If so there is a horrible irony to a stolen bike being locked with handcuffs

  • Where was that photo taken?

  • It is indeed my bike, but not the one I lost. I remade it in titanium, with a new design for the fork that leaves a great deal of room for improvement. Rigidity is fine: these are large diameter tubes.

  • Pleased you were able to make another one, any detail of manufacture?
    I'd love to see a photo of it from the rear to be able to appreciate how misaligned the rear wheel is

  • I remade it in titanium


  • Some photos at Bikefix here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_SOcpdl8bX/­ who kindly laced up the wheels. The rear wheel is not so much misaligned as aligned to an entirely different axis. Burrows realised it does not matter because the turning circle of a bike is so large in comparison with the offset.

    Welding was done by an outfit in China, and I did the rest. It needs more design work, especially the front fork, but once it is finished it may possibly be of interest to others.

  • That is incredibly cool! I'd love to have a ride on one of those it.

  • thanks! really cool to see it from a few different angles.
    did you manage to get the original geo from mike burrows in order to build a new one after yours was stolen? (i'm assuming you never recovered the one you owned before)

  • The old bike never surfaced: I suspect it was broken down for parts and the frame discarded. Mike did not have the original technical drawing, but it was simple enough to recreate from a sketch of his, and my photos of the old bike.

    I think it needs a carbon monoblade at the front, but cannot find anyone to make one, and I have no bandwidth to learn how to do that myself.

  • Jonny69 on here knows a thing or two about carbon fabrication...

  • Drive side pic?

  • There's one on the ig link.
    I understand how it works now after seeing the photos on insta, tensioning similar to an eccentric BB but at the hub end.
    It's a really cool looking thing. I guess it's less flexy than the strida bike I used to own. That was really weird to ride.

  • Jonny69 on here knows a thing or two about carbon fabrication...

    @fasih said I'd been mentioned on here!

    Yeah! An all-carbon blade would be pretty wild but no idea who you would get to do that for you if you can't make it yourself. A one-off would be massively expensive with the design, mould-making and final fabrication. You'd be well, well into 4 figures.

    You could replicate the one on there with metal ends and a carbon leg relatively easily. If you had the steerer and crown machined with a sleeve to bond a carbon tube into. Same at the bottom of the leg, you'd need your dropout bit to have a sleeve that you can bond the carbon into. Off-the-shelf carbon tube same OD as you've got on there with like 2-3mm wall will be similar stiffness as what's on there. Do it all in bare Ti and it'd look SICK. Or rob some bits off a lefty and polish them up?

    Hopefully I've talked you into it @obscurant

  • @fasih said I'd been mentioned on here!

    Erm, that was me. :)

  • Doh! I remember talking to Fasih about carbon fibre at the start as well!

  • Many thanks, @Jonny69, and the others for bringing this to your notice. The original fork was a hybrid design of the kind you describe, except in aluminium, and I did wonder about replicating it in titanium. But then I would feel compelled to 3d print the titanium part, which is another level of complexity hell...

  • Bump on this after the thread came up from a google search as saw this or a similar bike being ridden down great Marlborough street yesterday afternoon and fell in Love with the look of it.

    Fantastic creation!

  • Thanks, that must have been me unless whoever stole the original rides it down my route. I want to redesign the front, and then will post details of the final engineering.

  • Brilliant, Can't wait to see it.

    I just happened to turn around as you passed and was very taken with your bike.
    I knew I'd seen pictures of a similar bike on BikeFix's Instagram last year (Your very bike as it turns out!).

  • Dibs

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Mike Burrows urban prototype

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