• Yeah, no photos yet. Maybe next week!

    I was riding home along the same road I ride on every night, I turned right at a roundabout to get photos and stop at a pub to get some beers for Friday night and was doored just as I exited the roundabout. Shit situation, but at least I wasn't travelling at speed.

  • Finally got a chance to take a side shot.

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  • 💪

  • Yesssss! I like this

  • From a week or so ago.

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  • I ended up getting a secondhand Yepp mini from a friend. Slight adjustments were made so my knees don't hit. I've ridden with it twice, super keen for more. My son loves it.

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  • Heaps good!

  • So, had to start commuting on this quite regularly as my Space Horse lives at my mother in laws house full time at the moment. Wasn't feeling the wide bars and MTB triple for every day riding, so I rebuilt it as this.

    Now set up as a 1x10 with drops. Parts I changed were:

    Nitto RM106 bars
    Salsa stem
    TRP brake levers
    Tektro CR720 cantis
    SRAM s100 cranks
    SRAM bar end shifter
    SRAM Rival rear derailleur
    Cheap 44t narrow wide chainring
    SRAM 11-28 cassette
    Mash SF topographic tape
    Flite saddle (reissue)
    Zefal Paragon mudguards

    Commuted on it on Friday. Rode perfectly. The indexed bar end shifter worked so well, so did the 1x10 set up.

    All the parts I took off will be going on a 90's Specialized Rockhopper as the kid carrier.

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  • As I’m rebuilding my Space Horse (https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/2683­63/?offset=50), I replaced some parts on this.

    It now sports a Sim Works stem, Salsa Cowbell 2 bars and a better Sram Rival derailleur. Gearing has been changed to 40t chainring and 11-32t cassette. I re-used the bar tape from the Space Horse, but I think I need to upgrade that soon.

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  • After riding a considerable distance with flat Bullmoose bars on my Spacehorse the other week, I realised I needed a bike with drops and big tyres. I figured I could sacrifice having mudguards on this bike and put bigger tyres on. The Paconi is now running 1x9 with WTB Nano 40’s. 34t chainring with a 11-36t cassette. Drops, bar end shifter and the on-trend-yet-practical-zip-tied-to-a-rac­k front basket. I need to buy a 34t narrowide chainring OR a 46t chainring and a top pull front derailleur and go back to 2x9. Also thinking of swapping out the brakes for mini- v’s.

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  • And another shot. Love this bike with big tyres.

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  • I love this bike!

  • That's great

  • Nice.

    Where'd you get the Save the Rim Brake sticker?

  • Went out today. ~660m of climbing, mostly on rocky tracks. Was under geared with a 40t chainring and 11-36t cassette. Will be ordering a NW 34t this week. Also got some mini-v’s in the mail today. Descending on canti’s wasn’t fun today, even on bitumen. My front rack was rubbing on the tyre as well, which cut my ride short.

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  • Double.

  • More photos.

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  • Whoa, ride envy and bike envy!

  • Such a cool bike

  • Where did you go up? Chambers?

  • Yeah, Waterfall Gully Rd then up the Chambers Gully track. Came out at the Cleland carpark and kind of zig zagged on the road and paths to Mt Lofty. I was all prepared to do more when I set out, but it took longer than I expected, I ran out of water and the rubbing tyre was worrying. I was going to down the old freeway to the Bullock Track and then down Pioneer Women’s Trail, but canned that idea at the summit and went down Greenhill Rd instead.

  • Beautiful route. When I can ride again ... 12 weeks to go.

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Paconi "kid carrier" touring build, now 1x10 commuter, now 1x10 gravel bike.

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