• Double.

  • Decided to stick with #basketlyf after I decided I probably couldn’t attach the bag to my bars securely enough and I already have the rack, Wald basket and basket bag.

    Bent and adjusted the Velo Orange rack for more clearance. Have a lot more than I did before. Hopefully it doesn’t snap after all the bending! (I do have a strap around the rack and head tube)

  • Clearance before.

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  • Clearance now.

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  • cool

  • Still waiting on the bar tape to arrive. It’s coming from Taiwan, so I’m not sure when it will get here.

    I’m considering swapping out the bar for something wider because every things feels super narrow after riding with Bullmoose bars. Currently riding with 42cm Cowbells. I saw and held the 46cm Curve Walmer bars today and they felt nice... $190AUD though.


  • Ritchey venturemax come in 46cm and are quite cheap in the comp version!

  • Hmm, I’m not a huge fan of the “bio bend” in the drops. I’d rather spend the extra $$$ and support an Australian company and an Australian shop and buy the Curve ones.

  • I agree - it doesn't look too good, but it feels really good imo.
    But I understand how you feel about supporting a local company.

  • Yeah, especially in the current environment. Pretty keen to support my friends small shop as opposed to buy from Chainreaction.

  • Finally got this bar tape in the mail. Depending on the situation later this week regarding locking down non-essential businesses in Australia, I might get some 46cm Curve Walmer bars to finish this off.

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  • Pretty inspired by this wide bar, skinny tube, big tyre, canti brake, bar end shifter Crust.


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  • That is also a very good looking ideal!

  • Wide bars are wide.

    Looking forward to installing these. I also just replaced the brake cables but because I’m going to these, I have to replace them again.

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  • Comparing them to my 42cm 40cm Cowbells. Not sure if the reach will be less or not. If it is, I’m okay with that. Excited to try these out. Hopefully can install with the new tape this weekend.

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  • This BTP tape is very nice.

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  • Bars on and wrapped. They feel really good and not excessively wide. Bike all re-cabled. Just need to cut the cables. Thinking of swapping the wheels out for narrower rims* though so I’ll do that before I cut anything. Also have to reinstall the front rack and steal the Wald basket from my pub bike (because I don’t see myself going to the pub any time soon).

    *because this is an older frame, wider rims like the H+Son’s give the brakes less mechanical advantage and poor braking. I’m hoping going from 23mm wide to 19mm make a difference. I was using the 19mm rims on here originally and the braking was a lot better.

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  • Self-isolation / working from home has it advantages. Was given very little work today so managed to swap over the wheelsets between this and my Space Horse. The difference in rim width is crazy. Hopefully it makes the braking significantly better.

    I should be able to finally finish it tomorrow, fingers crossed. Really looking forward to riding with the wider bars.

  • Finished. More photos tomorrow, but these bars feel great.

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  • Looks great, bar tape looks real nice

  • Bars and tape look wonderful. Who makes the bars?

  • Tape looks great against the green frame.

  • Done. Went for a very casual 20k ride this morning to make sure everything works as it should. Bars need to be rotated down slightly and the saddle needs to be moved back and tilted up. I think I need to move the hoods down a bit too. Not 100% sold on the Brooks either, considering putting the Flite I had on there back on. I also need a Wald without the attachments, some new brake pads and a better front light mount.

    Overall, it rode great. Went up a very short, steep loose gravel path and could do it sitting down with no issues, which is what I wanted in this bike.

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  • Build list for those who are interested:

    • Paconi steel touring frame
    • Tange headset
    • Giant TCX wheelset
    • WTB Nano 700x40c
    • Sim Works “Dirty Rhonda” stem and Nitto spacers
    • Curve Walmer bars (46cm)
    • BTP woven bartape
    • TRP RRL brake levers
    • Tektro CR 720 cantis
    • Sram 500 bar end shifter
    • Kalloy seat post
    • Brooks Professional saddle
    • Velo Orange Moderniste bidon cages
    • Sram crankset, generic 34t narrow wide chainring
    • Sram Rival long cage derailleur
    • Shimano 9 speed 11-36t cassette
    • Shimano PD-M520 pedals
    • Crane E-NE bell
    • Velo Orange Randonneur rack (spray painted black)
    • Wald 137 basket
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Paconi "kid carrier" touring build, now 1x10 commuter, now 1x10 gravel bike.

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