Giro D'Italia 2016

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  • Brambilla, what a mad man!

  • Valverde must be bitching like crazy over the race radio at the moment.

  • Oh hi, oddly angry man.
    Your immune system never take a hit if you've got really cold in the wet then?
    And stomach bug germs never fly up from the road spray?

    Not saying that's definitely why he's ill, but it is a thing that could have happened.
    FFS indeed.

  • I am oddly angry when people equate viral infections with random climatic conditions (and when I've had a few beers and decide to get enraged).

    Notwithstanding that though, you're totally wrong. Your immune system protects you by developing immunity from infections it's already had (so you don't even know when it's working, and you get a good immune system by hanging round with loads of sick people) and no, 'stomach bug germs' generally don't hang around on water-stewn cement surfaces.

  • Thanks, I'm using that, and it works great in the UK for thieving freeloaders like me but I'm in spain now and all I can get is italian or basque (and I'm in extramadura). I guess there's some kind of restriction on it over here

  • Campylobacter is rife.
    I got it from riding back lanes in the rain, happily sipping from my water bottle.

  • Mountainous roads where mud/animal excrement flicks up into your mouth and onto the top of your bidon? No potential for germs at all?
    As for cold, wet weather making you more susceptible to infection - might very well be true, say scientists from Yale:­cientists-finally-prove-cold-weather-mak­es-sick/

  • Science squabbling thread >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    And without @'ing WillMelling - haven't heard that in a looooong time. Choon.

  • Did you need to buy an expensive special tool to get rid of it ?

  • I can't see any major banana skins for Landa. There are no flat time trials to come.

    Just tuned in, why's Landa 3 minutes back?

    WTF Landa?

    Six minutes now ?

    Landa abandons.

    Proper mega-lolz

  • No, just a few days on the loo.
    Best weight loss program ever.

  • Dumoulin has quit now.

  • I'll put the same hex on Valverde if people ask nicely.

  • That is a shame. I think he can win a grand tour a la Wiggo though.

  • Weird. Something must have gone wrong for him. Illness, miss managed fatigue.

    Saddle sore is smokescreen. It might hurt, but doesn't stop you being strong.

  • He's publically said he wants Olympic gold. And having not done well in the second TT cos of the rain the team he said he may drop out rather than expend too much energy chasing

  • Yeah, I get he's other priorities. Hence leaving to get back on track for them.

  • Saddle sore is smokescreen. It might hurt, but doesn't stop you being strong.

    It depends on the severity of the saddle sore, no? Sean Kelly abandoned the 1987 Vuelta whilst leading with two days to go due to a saddle sore that, according to his autobiography, was the size of an egg.

  • I guess pain is personal, and sean K is a monster. And yes it does depends.

    My point was I think he's also struggling, form wise, beyond the saddle sore. As painful as it might be, it doesn't stop you putting out power. So not saying he doesn't have a saddle sore that's bad. But I'd think he is also not in the shape he wanted, so retiring. As if he was flying, he'd put up with the saddle sore for longer.

  • Tom boonen pulled out of le tour with saddle sores . For anyone who has not had a challenging inflamed hair folicle belived you me it can hurt alot . Like giving birth but having to split open the skin first .

  • He won the opening stage, lead the race, then regained the pink jersey! He was going well until the saddle sore issue arose.

  • He was going well till he couldn't follow valverdes attack on that gravel climb.
    I just think (armchair ds), along with his saddle sores, his form dropped off as well. Because he was there, and then just not. A saddle sore would not cause him to not be able to follow an attack.

    I get why he retired now, it's the right decision. Hopefully he can rest and rebuild for the Worlds TT.

  • Either way, shame for him. I really like him as a racer.

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Giro D'Italia 2016

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