• You no gets catched

  • Or if you need to escape someone trying to ticket you for moving out the way of an emergency vehicle.

  • A good reason for rlj is colourblindness.

    Not really, unless they live in a vacuum (or they're a complete fuckwit) they'll be aware which lights are which (i.e. the top one is red, etc) and they'll still be able to tell which one of the 3 lights are illuminated or not.

  • Or if you need to escape someone trying to ticket you for moving out the way of an emergency vehicle.

    Can't escape the cameras (my brother was done by a camera on the back of a bus for moving into a bus lane to let an ambulance through quicker). Cocks.

  • 3 days and no merging? I'm surprise at you @hippy

  • 3 days? Whatchutalkinboutwillis? There's been no merge facility since we moved to the new forum software. That's why there's so much duplicated shit. It'll take years to kill everyone clean up the mess.

  • Legit reason for not stopping


  • Well.. Mostly I jump red lights at night ..mostly

  • There's no legitimate reasons. If you jump the lights it's against the law. If you choose to do it you should accept that and stop trying to make some moral justification for yourself. BTW I jump them all the time

  • Anyway here's the list knock yourself out

    No-one around to see
    Too Drunk
    A bit Tired
    Slightly Late
    Fixie Skidda Alleycat points
    For the Lulz
    Hill Start
    Being a badass
    Out of embarrassment
    You're just about to get a Strava KOM
    Trying to copy the person trackstanding and failing badly
    Need a poo
    Cannot trackstand
    Looks like a bad crowd in the ASL
    Tax Reasons
    Ped pushed crossing button when there wasn't a cyclist/vehicle
    within sight
    You are turning left (because you can do this in the US of freakin'
    A so it must be OK)
    You have a flamethrower strapped to your bike which is legal in the
    US and you can torch anything that gets in your way
    Everyone else is doing it
    You really need that poo
    You did a poo
    The light isn't particularly tall, about waist height, and you
    fancy the athletic challenge.
    Touching cloth.
    Because existential crisis
    need to get a ticket
    You're feeling a bit frisky and the light is red hawt.
    Dodgy knee
    Riding braeklzz, can't stop don't want to
    Because you're just more important than those light-stoppers.
    Trying to even things up since London's infrastructure mainly
    serves cars.
    You need to get to your destination so that you can FIX THE FICKING
    Too busy fixing lists to look for red lights
    It's 2am, I triple checked, there's fuck all coming and I don't
    have a number plate
    Your mum.
    You stopped in front of everyone waiting in the ASL and suddenly
    feel really self conscious.
    Simon says.
    Daryll from down the road and a bunch of other kids did it first.
    It's sex night
    Has bar bag and map holder setup
    Everything is inherently worthless
    You finally figured out how to fix the list.
    Cunt shift.
    Everyone should have slowed to 10mph when going through the opposing green lights.
    You have Butt Hurt
    Cos waiting at lights is bad for your health
    It's Sunday and I'm fucked if I'm spending any more time getting to work and back than I have to and the only reason I ever waited at red was to feel morally superior to everyone else anyway and fuck everyone else.
    Because riot prediction
    To avoid being bottled. standard.co.uk/news/crime/cyclist-attack­ed-with-broken-bottle-after-stopping-at-­traffic-lights-near-regents-park-1021981­3.html

  • You're allowed to jump the red and a half open Tower Bridge on sex night

  • standard.co.uk/news/crime/cyclist-jumps-­lights-then-Tower-Bridge-on-the-promise-­of-sexy-time-696969.html

  • Cos Silicon Roundabout is a roundabout and there is no-one coming from the right, so the red light is sort of irrelevant.

    This excuse may only work very early in the morning.

  • a solution to this thread,

    A proposed ordinance would make the city the largest to allow bicyclists to roll past stop signs if the path is clear.

    San Francisco May Let Bicyclists Yield at Stop Signs


Towards a definitive list of legitimate and immutable reasons for not stopping at red lights

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