• I've been keeping myself awake on my commute recently by trying to build such a list. I know there's already a thread on RLJing, but I think there's a difference between jumping red lights (most cyclists do it from time to time, know they strictly shouldn't and so it is sometimes accompanied by guilt) and the phenomenon of seeing a red light and knowing in one's heart that for some inarguable reason it has an entirely different meaning for you than it does for others. The feeling that allows people to sail through those lights as if they weren't there.

    My list so far (in rough order of prevalence):

    Running late.
    Promuter (wearing pro kit and thus officially a sportsperson, not a commuter).
    Wearing Rapha.
    Riding an expensive bike.
    Riding a Specialized Allez my-first-road bike
    Riding a Boris/Barclays/Santander bike.
    Light only went red <5 seconds ago.
    Light only went red <10 seconds ago.
    Light about to go green again.
    On time, but don't want to risk being late.
    Currently beefing with all pedestrians.
    Feeling threatened by motor vehicle, want to pass fear down food chain.
    Self-aware dickhead.

  • Still feels like the RLJ thread. But I was thinking about it today as well. Sometimes it's very much a mistimed thing for me, I anticipate the green and I'm too early. The other is annoying/bad junctions where it pays to be ahead of traffic because of an upcoming turn.

    Third, I had a trispoke on the rear, so same as promuter kit thing.

  • Tsunami

  • Alleycat

  • There already is a list.

    In the RLJ thread.


  • @hippy @Velocio mergin' time.

  • To prevent mergin' threads.

  • 'My job is more important than the safety and well-being of all you twats......and the world will stop rotating if I'm not at my desk in 10'.

  • Actively seeking death

  • Wanting to annoy @greenhell or me or any of our sanctimonious brethren.

  • Ignorance that red and amber still counts as a red light

  • Wanting to annoy @greenhell

    Post a square plate picture?

  • Losing tails.

  • Not wanting to have the usual Audi driver tailgating or just trying some dangerous pass as soon as light is green. I rather jump it, if safe to do so.
    Also, brakeless

  • Cos I fucking feel like it
    Cos this is the OKR it's a jungle out here
    Cos this is London My Friend.

  • I slowed down quite a lot, but the lights didn't change while I was slowly rolling forward, and now I'm half way across the junction, so I may as well carry on going.

  • I've never been knocked off going through a red, but have through a green

  • The only legitimate reason to jump a red is if you are in immediate danger and need to get out of the way. Or if you need to move out of the way of an emergency vehicle. Or if you need to escape someone trying to ticket you for moving out the way of an emergency vehicle.

    Rlj'ing is antisocial and very very naughty.

    Plus, how can you expect to practice your mad trackstanding skills if you never stop? Duh!


    'com on NEED I explain !

  • if you're actually a pedestrian crossing on the green man but stumbled upon leaving the house and got your legs tangled in a bicycle from which you are still trying to extricate yourself. I do this all the time.

  • In London, people on road bikes do more trackstanding than those on fixed gear bikes.

  • A good reason for rlj is colourblindness.

  • thats because nobody rides fixed anymore.
    (also its easier to trackstand at lights with a freewheel cos getting your feet into position is simple when you can coast)

  • Or if you need to move out of the way of an emergency vehicle.

    Nope, can get done for RLJ in this scenario, happened to someone on here i think?


Towards a definitive list of legitimate and immutable reasons for not stopping at red lights

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