Wanted: ladies bike suitable for 5"7 lady

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  • Hello - just wondering if anyone's got something suitable kicking about. Looking for a friend, we're talking something step through/mixte, ideally older/vintage and in reasonable nick although I can give it a once-over if something appropriate turns up that is not pristine. Budget is not enormous.


  • Not mine but is this any good?


  • cheers - that is lovely, and I've bought a bike from @Ludd before and would be very happy to do so again, but whilst that's very well priced it is probably £50 above my friend's max budget...

  • Hi there @owl
    Feel free to make an exploratory offer on the Pashley. Thanks for the mention @spj7. It's been a good bike.

  • I have a friend who is about to sell a Carlton courette in really good condition..Same model as this one but with flat bars.

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  • Hello - reactivating this as another friend has asked me to help find a bike. Very similar remit, looking for something mixte/step-through, nippy light rather than weighty and stable, ideally vintage but in good condition. Budget up to £250, small size as she's 5"3. Cheers

  • I have two nice bikes but slightly pricey :P
    Tokyo fixed dream machine 48cm and All city nature boy 49cm

  • Cheers for the thought, but don't think either are step-through? She is specifically after something at least close to the description...

  • I ve some thing vintage but with a seized seat post. It should fit.

  • Sounds interesting, could you post or dm me some pics? Cheers

  • Hello, I have a very nice mixte that I was just about to put in the classifieds.

    It's called a Caput (named after a rider), and was hand-built in a small shop in Paris in the late 70s.

    It's fairly light - about 9.5kg I think and has good quality components.

    I'm in Belgium at the moment, but will be in central London for the weekend and could stick it in the car. Otherwise I could post it for about £25 when I'm back in the week.

    I was hoping for £190 - would need to stick it in the car at lunchtime tomorrow if I'm going to bring it!

    It's prettier in the flesh than it looks in this photo - horrible lighting, horrible carpet, magnolia walls...

    Also, I'll replace the front tube tomorrow!

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  • Still looking in case anyone's got anything else they're looking to offload? Cheers

  • @bitterbuffalo has this on sale.

  • @amey

    Still got the 48cm dream machine or the nature boy?

  • have posted on your thread

  • Ah, that's lovely, but this is for a friend, I don't have time to build up for her and she won't want to do it herself. Looking for complete bikes really. Cheers

  • Fair enough!

  • Once again looking for a bike for a friend - same criteria really, step-through, lightish weight, something like the peugeot mixtes you often see....


  • I guess bikes are in high demand at the moment, but just bumping this in hope rather than expectation...

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Wanted: ladies bike suitable for 5"7 lady

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