ldn video thoughts?

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  • Wow, ten of us is really good. My email is sruwaida@gmail.com and lets organize this drinks soon so we can get the ball rolling? How's sometime this week?

  • Righto guys,
    Please fill in this doodle to schedule the General Assembly of Rad Film.
    Deadline for submitting your availability is Wednesday afternoon as we'll nail down the date at that moment.

    Let's aim to come out of those drinks with a clear idea of what, who and where and when we want to film. As well as who will be in charge of what.

    @sashayaway - @bashthebox - @Cazakstan - @mands - @bothwell - @blowfish - @Doctor_Cake - @clockwork_killa - @cafewanda - @pastry_bot - @LinaB - @jesm - @clefty - @Scoot - @XRuSxeX

  • I'm off to japan for two weeks with @clockwork_killa (13th to 29th of October) so I'm up for meeting anytime this week :)

  • looking at the doodle poll it appears this week might not work :(

    may i tentatively suggest Monday 12th as it's got 7 confirmed - I can do Wednesday 14th as long as it's before 6:30 because i have tickets for this #humblebrag

  • I'm sure we can do Monday 12th :) Also ermagawd that exhibition doe

  • Monday works for me! Do we have a time and place?

  • What the hell. I'm up for Monday. Count me in.

  • Monday is fine for me. Would Old St LMNH work as a venue? Relatively central, space, wi fi, adequate bike parking, open til 10?

  • As good a place as any =)

    Was hoping to join even if late.. but just looked at my schedule and I'm doing interviews until 9:15. Might be a bit too optimistic...

  • Sounds perfect.

  • We can skype you in ?

    Works for me, can be there from 6:45pm onwards.

  • That's very kind :-) but I don't think my multi-tasking skills are up to it

  • Monday at LMNH it is! What time will the early people get there, trying to work out if it's worth going home first..

  • Probably between 5:30 and 6 for me.

  • I will be there in spirit. Please imagine me agreeing with everything that you all say at every stage in the process.

  • Monday, I'll bring tools - ipad, paper, pens.

    We want to come out of this with clear objectives and a solid plan.

    Why - in broader terms what we want to achieve, somewhat covered in OP and comments in this thread. Be good to get them on 'paper' and succinct. No cringe!

    What - specifics of what we will be filming & hearing.
    So discussion around the disciplines to showcase, bus caressing, pedalo, props, music to go with font types etc.
    Working towards a proper storyboard and sound-scape (<--gosh what a wanky word!).

    Who - people & bikes obvs for each cut, define roles, support, extras nodding in the background, behind the scenes.

    Where - locations, scouting, sunrise etc

    When - so availability of resources and equipment, back-up plan due to weather, logistics, absences & holidays. Realistic targets set for completion.

    Feel free to add to the above!

  • I'm def bringing my ipad too for this- lots of notes to be taken down and planning to be done. Maybe we should think of having a shared Evernote or like a Gchat thingy? Or do you think this space is the best?

  • I can be at LMNH for 6

  • I'm afraid I can't make the meeting on Monday and am not sure if my other commitments leave space to make myself available, but I'll keep an eye out just in case. After all, you might need a 'bag watching person' or something.

    Looking forward to the 'beaming with pride even though I've contributed nothing to this' moment.

  • Won't be able to make the meeting but still interested in helping out if I can.......

  • Fly back from Italy in the day but should be around - see y'all at 6

  • Rad project. What tunes are you thinking?

  • This sounds very cool! I've only had a fixed bike for a week now and I suck at riding it a bit and also I don't know anyone but but but I wanna join!

  • come tonight at 6:30 at Look Mum No Hands ?

    See y'all tonight

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ldn video thoughts?

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