ldn video thoughts?

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  • totally a great idea and im fully on board. i think if we do a video where we concentrate mainly on fixed, but also include other disciplines like bmx, cross and road would be awesome. we just need to show how much fun we have on bikes and perhaps off them too.

    and bus stroking can only be done with perfectly manicured nails with a close up on the gel design that says IDGAF :D

  • Great idea =) and on board!

  • I'm off to Bike Park Wales at the beginning of November, so if you want any (slowish) MTBing, I can try to do some recording there.

  • Excellent point! :-).

    "and bus stroking can only be done with perfectly manicured nails with a close up on the gel design that says IDGAF "

  • "Yet another fixie video with nothing but men ? Like we give a fuck, we ride ALL OF THE THINGS."

    Love this!!! I'm pro fixed but will mash (no pun intended) any kind of bike, diff'rent strokes and that. Love the idea of bmx, road, cross in this.

    Really appreciate all the offers of help, as you can probably tell from the absolutely appalling quality of my instagram I have zero eye for the aesthetic.

    Edit: I mean the photo quality, not laner

  • Dibs wardrobe and make-up. Just kidding, cool ideas.
    Reminds me of https://vimeo.com/110052827

    Could do a series of videos in different disciplines.

    bmx, road, cross in this

    So abstract:

    showing girls who ride fixed in london
    we're not invisible

    Just to name a few things it needs: a story, a thread to tie it all in, some art direction, storyboarding and a killer soundtrack.

    I can help with project management, logistics, comms.

  • Hmm, I think we could do a series. Why stop at one video? We can do one fully fixed, one on other forms of cycling? Or are we thinking of combining all?

    Ermagawd im so excited

  • tbh i'd rather do one video. like i said i'm not trying to sell anyone anything or convince anyone of anything - it's just a fun project for me. that said, i'm happy to pass the reins over as i don't have the time to do all the project managing for this with work and masters stuff on. guess it comes down to what the majority of people want to do!

    much as that video is nice, and i do like it (i strongly defended it when originally posted last year!), i find it a bit cringe (okay, fine, it's the word fixie, it's awkward and terrible). as i said i'm not that into biographies and people explaining loads of their backgrounds. it probably stems from not really feeling the need to explain myself a lot when it comes to this - what i had in mind was a skate-video-esque 2min30secs of girls shredding it on different disciplines to a fast paced soundtrack. maybe something at the beginning like "people tell me all the time that girls don't ride real bikes"..."GIRLS RIDE ALL THE BIKES" [or smth like what adeline posted above - same sentiment). then something at the end like "want to know more on any of this [or something]? head to lfgss.com or [somewhere else]. get in touch!" because it would be nice to actually signpost if people/girls saw it and DID really dig it.

    jess whose forum name i've forgotten said at SEs last night that maybe the shorter, skate-style vid could be one with no talking (or just one really A+ quote for teh lolz) and we have a much longer video that has little interviews and things, like what little wheels are doing right now for their "little profiles" thing, more of the thread that @mands mentioned.

    idk - guess i could be persuaded to do a series, but i'd have trouble getting my head around the real aim of it, in comparison to a fun mashup video of all the fun female cyclists i know who do loads of things together

  • although someone still needs to convince me that road cycling is actually enjoyable and not boring as shit most of the time

  • Can't wait to see a video project by you Lucy!

    Can't help but think the first post comes off a little overthought though, I'd imaging the reason there are no girls in the videos that mash have put out is that they simply didn't know any that rode in the style they wished to showcase and were also around for filming. There are also few ethnic minorities in the latest video, I doubt this is because they're being ignored but most likely because there just weren't any around at the time in their community.

    I'm not really sure why I'm commenting as I know it wasn't aimed at me and I'm surely not making any friends by doing so, the mash guys are lovely and great fun, I seriously doubt they're going out of their way to ignore women.

    You're awesome Lucy just stay out there and ride radly.

  • Also probably @jesm

  • skate video idea sounds rad. happy to put on some guyliner and comb my hair and stand silently and hopefully out of focus in the background or maybe you could just show my ass as like a kind of eyecandy.

    or just show awesome girls riding bikes, that would also work all on it's own :)

  • not the place for it here @IR but will say that going out of your way to not include women and inadvertently never including women still leaves women in the same place - out of the picture.

  • not the place for it here @IR but will say that going out of your way to not include women and inadvertently never including women still leaves women in the same place - out of the picture.

    All of this

  • I think a short, quick video like we were talking about last night is the way forward, keep it fun! A series might be a bit much and time consuming. Also I'd love to be part of the editing (and riding of course).

  • it wasn't a personal dig at any of mash, i had a lovely time with them on sunday morning and should have brought it up then to hear their views but i was occupado with my hangover. like i said, i'd rather think of this an an opportunity to move forward and do a rad thing with people who feel the same way than get mardy :) fun project for a group of good friends i've come to make through cycling.

    also re: my posts being overthought

  • I can definitely accept that challenge. I've had fun on the road which gave me cramps in the cheeks even.

    On the very same page re: short skate-like video with good soundtrack and no/very few worded interventions.
    This gonna be good.

    I'm shit at music (unless you like They Might Be Giants), so I'll leave that to more experienced people.

    But visually speaking,
    I'm thinking a series of short cuts of all sorts of actions in all sorts of locations.
    Showcasing both day/night and city/countryside.
    Covering all sorts of disciplines and featuring individuals as well as groups.
    Races, training, poodles, touring, pizza eating, lycra, jorts, cleats and straps, adventuring

    And hopefully someone passing through the screen on their Brompton with a big smile on their face as a calm cut before the tempo picks up again in a super intense way.

    Trying to dig out some reference videos in the next few days.

    Who's got a drone, a gopro and a dencent video camera ?
    We're going to need biscuits too. And beer.

  • I've got a contour (similar to go pro)

    there's a lot of kinds of road cycling.. and I definitely like the going places kind of road riding.. maybe less the epic suffering kind .. though that might make better visuals =P

    Definitely the Brompton.. and poodles.. and cake and biscuits and beer

  • I have a camera, it'd do the job but I'll see if I can borrow a decent one from work.

  • We should totally borrow a cargo bike for transporting all the gear around as well.

  • I'll bring biscuits and beer!!

  • Yes yes yes.

    In terms of soundtrack, should we do a specific track for each person kinda thing? Like if we're doing 'shorts' of different girls then maybe a different track for each girl depending on what kinda music she's into to reflect her true style and mojo on the bike etc? I dunno if im rambling shit, i just know i like mashing (oh god) to some black metal haha

  • Are you all coming for the drinks tomorrow? We can discuss on of this in person :)

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ldn video thoughts?

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