ldn video thoughts?

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  • 6pm for a 6:30 kick-off?

    Anyone skilled in Agile?
    Thinking we could run it like an Agile Kick-off meeting with elements of sprint planning.
    Or am I just throwing words out there which mean nothing to you?

  • I know all about agile, but unfort we won't be colocated :(

  • Darn! I'm v rusty on agile but thought it might be helpful to organise the project with...

  • I can bring post-it notes.

    That's about the extent of my Agile knowledge.

  • Thanks I will if only get off work early enough!

  • thanks for all your hard work ladies, this is sounding great. nice to see some new faces and i hope you didn't feel swamped!

    we'll be making a facebook group for you to join so we can stay connected better and get some balls rolling. i'll put the minutes, notes, action points etc up and everyone please feel free to throw ideas around - please bear in mind it's a DIY community project so some ideas may be parked for now in order to streamline the process and make sure no one person has too much work, and that it's a manageable and fun project at the end of the day. thank you @mands especially for the superb structuring.

  • Good session, great ideas.

    Next meeting we're going to storyboard scenes to be shot.
    Agile: going to employ some user story and sprint planning elements.

  • @Ecunard and I were planning on doing some shot tests on SAT morning (say 11am - hope the weather holds out?), for a 360' concept, but slight hitch, who has a Go-pro we can borrow?
    Come along to help! TBA on location, but shouldn't take long to get some shots in.

    How about Granary Square?

  • I've got a coupla GoPros you could borrow if you guys want but you'll need your own microSD cards.

  • Hi, I'm new to fixie riding.
    I would have liked to get involved previous but my bike was stolen :(
    BUT now I have new beater and would like to be apart of this (somehow).....
    I'm not in the "creative" industry, but I do love to ride......

  • Can we do a little earlier or later ? I'm going to the cinema by myself from 12 to 2 LOL

  • most of you sleuthy broads have already found it but pls join the facebook group as it makes coordinating this about a billion times easier THANK U

  • Next meeting on MONDAY! (tomorrow!) 6:30pm at LMNH
    Check out the facebook group and the events tab for more info!

  • Good session last night, I think we've nailed down the scenes and what-not. I've updated the fb with events for filming. Hoping to move on this quick due to weekends, weather and light factors.

    I feel like we've lost the momentum from the excitement we had on the previous pages in this thread. Last nights attendance was on the light side but I know we're all really busy people and committing to something regularly is hard!
    This project can't be done without input from everyone so please come and in-that-put!

  • rad! only the filming to do now in theory.

    can anyone who's interested please fill in this doodle mands kindly made? including anyone who wants to film or be filmed, woman or otherwise. we welcome your input and appreciate your time!

  • Howard has a go pro, but I'll have to check with him when he needs it for his MTB stuff. We're going to Bike Park Wales Nov 7-8 so it will definitely be not available then.

  • Sorry I didn't make it on Monday, I had the day off to recover from Supercross and did not have the energy to venture out.

  • RE: Cameras.
    Thanks to @blowfish, @clefty and most recently @hugo7 for the go-pro.

    I think we could do with a couple more go-pros, especially as we need 2 cameras for some shots and there's 2 groups on (hopefully) one day.
    Or we go for 3 days filming....an option.

    Any more go pros floating around to be borrowed for Nov?

  • Howard and Owl have kindly offered too. At work now but will message you when I get home mands.

  • Sorry for delay, finally doodled, turns out I'm quite busy but it looks like there's some cross over with availability for others.

  • I think @T4NY4 had a GoPro, but not sure if she still has it.

  • I haz gopro.
    Don't need it any time soon.

  • Message sent out, and open to anyone else who wants to join:

    Hi ladies!

    This message is being sent to all of you who expressed an interest in helping make a short, fun video about riding bikes in London. Thank you to those of you who kept an eye on the facebook and the forum and were able to come to the planning meetings. We’re now at the filming stage and we just need your time for a little while longer - I know everyone is busy!

    There are 3 bits of filming to be done:

    1. 15th November: the day with parts being filmed from a car. Please put it in your diaries if you can make it! We’re heading either to Ally Pally or Victoria Park & the Olympic velodrome area to piss about on pedalos and get some nice, smoothly-shot group shots.
      Meeting time and place: up to whomever can make it. Preliminarily, Kings Cross Station, but can arrange nearer the time.
      Approx time needed: 10am - 2pm
      Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/41748499­8447619/

    The next two are basically the same kind of thing, but split into two groups (so more people can make it/be included!)

    1. 28th November - probably 10am - 1pm
      Link https://www.facebook.com/events/54833060­5314468/

    2. 29th November - probably 10am - 1pm
      Link https://www.facebook.com/events/16272366­20861682/

    If you’re no longer keen, by all means pls leave the group/message, no hard feelings but I don’t want you getting loads of spam.

    If you CAN make these days - please RSVP to the facebook events so we know whom to expect on the day. Had a few people saying they’ll do things and not showing so it’s really important to know we can rely on each other!

    Thank you so much and hopefully see you soon,

    Any questions let me know.

    Luce xx

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ldn video thoughts?

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