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  • at the risk of me starting another thread where i sound like i'm complaining about something...

    i saw the new mash video. there aren't any girls in it. ten years and you're still ignoring girls? not one, even in the friends section. whilst i'm not advocating just whacking some chicks in for the sake of equality, i find it hard to believe there aren't any "rad" female riders in SF cheeky monkey doing hands over eyes emoji.

    we aren't invisible. and the knock on effects of nonchalantly erasing us from media like this means that when we do show up for rides or post pictures of ourselves having a good time on bikes we get sexualised or fetishised, and it's whack. i just want to ride my bike, not get catcalled because i'm in the minority and that somehow means some people can be jerks?

    i'm not really that interested in what mash have to say because 1) i've tried twice now to ask what's up (in a totally accessible manner too, i wasn't having a go) and 2) i'm not bothered about being in their video/similar. want something done, gotta do it yourself, right?

    i know the mash team is all dudes and it's got cultural capital, it's a ~fixeh institution~ and the equivalent of a blue plaque in some circles so let's just say it's inspired me. the video does what it set out to do but i want more.

    was thinking about doing a short, fun, loud video showing girls who ride fixed in london. no biographies, not a showcase, i'm not selling anyone anything. i just can't let it slip that this further engrains cycling as a male-dominated sport or even leisure activity. like i said, we're not invisible. so many cyclists (girls and guys) picked up on this after watching the video which is super positive.


  • props to @Scoot for the working title "fuck you, LDN girls ride fixed too"

  • I think that's a great idea. I don't have any rad fixed skills, but happy to help out with logistics and other similar things (can contribute a go-pro for filming).

  • I haven't got any rad skills and look like a moron in front of a camera anyway. Additionally I have absolutely nothing else to offer except for a thumbs up for the idea (and probably a website if you wanted one of those, though doesn't look like there'd be much to put on one. Yeah, that's right, I'm a developer as well as a cyclist. In your face, male-dominated industries!).

  • Someone needs to fly the drone!

  • absolutely no "rad" skills required. you don't need to pop a wheelie in patriarchy's face, just give it the finger and show it that you "aten't dead" as they say.

    i welcome absolutely any input (i'll probably ignore the trolls tho, i'm a busy lady) and appreciate your help :3

    got the women's track team i helped set up on board, everyone is really different and has different skills, different preferences for bikes and whatnot. i'm not that interested in making a mash ripoff video, like i said you don't need to ride brakeless to have a good time on a bike (it is really fun tho...)

  • Great idea!
    I too have action cameras and can help with logistics, however after 8 years of riding fixed, I still can't do a skid.
    We should get some BMX action in.

  • Good idea. Although a SS rider of the 'mature' kind am happy to help if I can.

  • Will there be bus stroking?

  • Buses cannot reasonably give their consent to being manhandled in public places as they try to go about their business, so I vote to leave the poor buses alone.

  • Mops coffee spatter from laptop.

  • Ya know, when you're riding through an urban environment on your track bike and filming it and overtake a bus and give it a gentle stroke with your fingertips. Essential for any good fixie video.

  • but they're asking for it


  • Manicured fingertips? Have to look good on the video.

  • Loving this idea. Like Lucy said, we don't need to have mad fixeh skidded skills to make this video. I think (correct me if I'm wrong) what Lucy is trying to say is that we need a video that SHOWS the world that there are girls that ride fixed. Doesn't matter if we aren't all as fast or doesn't matter if we can't bloody do one handed track stand. What matters is that we ride fixed. It's fun it's rad and we need to make the society aware that we are here. Also I hope that this encourages more girls to turn their bikes fixed- they'd look at their single speeds and go "fuck I could literally turn this into a monster right now"

  • sneaks into the ladies' forum

    Would totally love to help out - can offer shooting, editing and colour grading skillz. Need some bikes on my portfolio! Only problem is I'm arm with work until early nov.

  • Thanks @bashthebox the more people helping the better! What about weekends? Are you working then too? What I was thinking was catching girls doing what they would do normally like, shooting on one random spfg ride or bridges? Then maybe catching them at the velodrome? We can also do organised shoots at Vicky park or on the streets on our way to grab some coffee. It would be cool to show that we use our bikes for various purposes, whether it's a group ride or commuting or just out to get our coffee/cake fix.

  • Would love to help with this! I know my way around a video camera and editing/post production software. Can I be DOP?

  • Next couple of weekends are full up, but after then... a weekend where the leaves are turning could look lovely.

  • Another very good @ioreka initiative. You're boss Lucy.
    I'm on board with this, but think it could really easily be some fun on any bikes, honestly.
    "Yet another fixie video with nothing but men ? Like we give a fuck, we ride ALL OF THE THINGS."

  • I would be happy to deploy my fixed wheel audax bike for this purpose.

    It is the precise opposite of rad-to-the-max, mind. But that's audax for you.

  • That sounds rad to the max to me, you know.

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ldn video thoughts?

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