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  • Other design was a bit death metal, straight edge, etc.>>>>.

    Im looking to order a long sleeve jersey and a short sleeve at least. @Raksy Ladies sizes available :-) there might also be a possibility for custom names but will ask about prices if anyones interested. Prices will be confirmed once I get rough numbers in but expect it to be around £40/50?


    Orders for this design will have to be paid for by the last day of the month please once the price has been confirmed :-)

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  • Looks utterly rad!

  • We're literally in the process of sorting out a first run of tshirts.
    So I'd rather wait for that.also Lycra>>>>>>
    St. Paul's is run by the people though so if people want please make them.

  • ...Said in true Elra fashion

  • Boyz stuffs don't fit no lady lumps, so im a be out on this one BigH, nice job though.

    Suprised you've not gone all out for vintage merino knitted kit ;)

  • Hahaha do agree Ray!

  • I can't see the design? But i'm in :)

  • Sounds good to me

  • Design changed and most probably finalised. If we get everyone to chip in a couple quid we can get Lewis a skin suit....

  • First t shirt run will be in the next month or so.
    For all those who will ride faster in a tee anyways

  • (Lycra shots fired)

  • Always in for a T!

  • Bump

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  • Good,

  • like

  • Not bad

  • Like!

  • Nice!

  • someone change that typeface before it's too late...

  • If anyone is interested in buying a jersey could you please PM me so I can get a firm quote on price for multiple jerseys. Ladies and mens sizes in long and short sleeve possible.

  • So life took over a bit recently but just about finalised everything. Just to clarify to anyone who is interested. Jerseys are going to be Race Cut with an aditional rear zipp pocket for your herbs and spices. Prices include the shipping here to UK and will chance it on not getting customs fees.

    Prices -

    Short Sleeve - £47.50
    Long Sleeve - £50.00
    It is also possible to print a unique name/number for £2 more.

    If any ladies are interested let me know as I would need at least 2 orders otherwise the price goes up for a single which is annoying. @Raksy @ninelives @ioreka @KRZ @XRuSxeX anyone? :-)

    Looking to receive payment by Friday 14th. Please PM for my payment details, paypal gift plz, bank transfer, western union or cash in hand.

    @|³|MA3K @timbre @Bundo @Antidotes @privatepatterson @branwen @monkdagola @hugothenord1 @Thomas63 @thomas. @Blue6 @Seven04 @crop @shinkuu_kiss @horro

    • anyone else I have missed out

  • i'm broke yo! soz

  • I could be interested in a t-shirt. However I can't really afford a jersey. Additionally, I'm not too keen on the design.

  • Can't afford/warrant another summer Jersey at the moment, but would be up for a T-shirt too.

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SPFG Jerseys

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