Wanted: 58cm steel track frame.

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  • Hi,

    I'm looking to replace my current track frame which is damaged more than I deem safe anymore.

    I'm looking to spend about 200-250 and definitely only want steel.

    A 56" would be okay too

    Any help would be great :)

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  • I've got a white All City Big Block in 58cm. Its in good condition with just the usual scuffs to the paint etc, comes with an FSA headset. Let me know if your interested and I'll take some pics. Yours for £180 which is a little less than I paid for it this time last year.

    Here is a pic of it built up with guards and a dynamo:

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  • Not for me that one, sorry. :)
    Ideally looking for something a little older and lugged but I know I'm getting picky now.

    I should have also said, I'm up in Newcastle so postage would be needed.

  • ive got a sirius track frame thats pretty nice and lugged-- prob could do with a respray tho'--- few rust spots but no dents-- think its a 56cm seat tube-- i'll check if u want-- only lookin for about £80-

  • Would want to avoid rust where possible but if you can send me some pics I'll take a look. :)

    Anyone else got something to offer?

  • Got one bro 56cm..pm me if you're interested


Wanted: 58cm steel track frame.

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