Landshark + Elin + Polished C-Track

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  • Decided to make a project thread for my two Neils. I bought the triple triangle of AMAC about 4 months ago and at the same time my mate (Miitch) bought the yellow one off him as well. Mine has been great fun, absolutely love everything about it. Fits me perfectly and has stupid crazy tight clearances.

    It has never really had a complete build, always just a bit of a mish mash of parts, adding bits here and there. It has slowly getting closer and closer to a finished build. Here are some of the different stages:

    I've been using this bike as my daily commuter/do everything bike. However I have decided that I want to give it a nicer life, and when my mate decided he wanted to sell his Neil it opened up the perfect opportunity to create a more practical commuter.

    So this has shifted the focus of my triple triangle. It will now become my fair weather/fast/fun bike. My aim is to slave it up a bit. I have a few things I want to change:

    1) Wheelset, this is the main change I want to make and probably won't happen for a while. I want a pair of DA or similar hubs laced to either a set of dark grey TB14's or ceramic open pros. Also I'd kind of like to try it with a front trispoke for maximum fun.

    2) Cranks, I have already bought a nicer set of sugino 75's to replace the ratty pair on there currently. That pair will go onto the Yellow Neil.

    3) Cockpit, I have a nicer set of easton risers to use on this, however I left them at my parents place so they will go on when I next go back. I have also ordered a pair of bubblegum pink Oury grips to add a bit of colour and excitement to the bike!

    Once I have these parts sorted I think it will be near to being complete. The only other thing I'd like to try is a pair of compact drops with road brake levers. I will have to make an effort to keep it clean as well, as you can see it is a bit of a state..


    So next up for discussion is the Yellow Neil. Because of how much I spent on the frame and new cranks, the parts for this build had to be very budget. I am using parts from my spares box and parts I got from here. I think I've managed to get all the parts I need for probably just over £100 extra (thanks to the great people on this forum!). I pretty much have everything now, I am just waiting on the cranks to arrive as well as a chain which was ordered today. This is where I am up to today:

    I'm quite pleased how it turned out on such tight budget, tidier then I thought it would be. I do want to have some mudguards on this. I currently have a set of race blades which will work fine for the time being. However, in the future I'd like to get a pair of PDW full mudguards. I'll have to do some bodging on the rear brake bridge but I'll make it work. There are lots of things on this bike that I'd like to upgrade over time as and when funds become available. I also may consider getting this repainted with something cool in the future. The current paint isn't original and has lots of retouches so new paint would be nice, but that won't be for a while.

    I'm going to leave it here for now. Any suggestions and criticism are welcome!

  • tldr :p
    black components on the yellow neil! Would look amazing with a black wheelset!

  • Subbed

  • You have a team of Orells. A Torell.

    Tip for keeping it clean: buy moar bieks.

  • The yellow Orell is super tight. Nice bikes.

  • If you'd read you'd see that my plan was for black wheels! This is my small inspiration board for potential finishes. At the moment I am leaning towards the look of the Vivalo. With black wheels, silver cranks/post/stem/bars, black contacts but maybe with he black chainring. I'm not sure about all black parts.

    At the moment I am just going to get it running and will upgrade when money allows.

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  • Haha hardly a team but that could work. I do need to come up with some sort of name to distinguish them though because it is getting tedious referring to the colour each time.

    Pretty sure moar bieks is the answer to everything. Nearly bought the Tommasini track lo pro in the classifieds yesterday but the buyer changed his mind about selling :-(

  • Cheers man!

  • A pair of work horses is a team.

  • Team Neal Orrell ride soon?

    Did you call Neil to see when these date from?

  • Do you and Skülly both own Neils? Would love to see some pics!

  • Bought a pair of ITM duals today, very much an impulse buy but they were rather cheap! Always wanted to try some. They will go on the triple triangle as soon as the commuter is up and running! Going to wrap these in pink benotto...

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  • Awesome pair, subbed

  • Cheers mate, good seeing you last night

  • Just waiting on a brake lever

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  • same to you mate, will PM about that spok you got for sale.

  • Cranks arrived today, hopefully chain will come tomorrow. Need to go to my lbs tomorrow to get some small bits and bobs. Hopefully I can get it up and running!

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  • Also set these up

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  • There's an old joke I remember from my school days.....
    Basically why is something white and another something yellow so you could call them "Coming" and "Going".
    Just an idea.

  • Not resonating with me I'm afraid, cheers for the suggestion though!

  • Another update to the cockpit, tt bars are off, they look badass but are stupidly impractical. Bought a pair of Deda Piega compacts to try. I've stolen the the brake levers and stem from my road bike for now.

    Levers are shimano 600 and stem is a Nitto techtonic. Just took them out on a test ride and they felt great! So nice to have so many more hand positions, I've been riding grinders for too long. I'm please with the progress, they will be staying.

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  • In other news, my commuter Neil is fully functioning. Too it out for a spin and it is very nippy. Riding wide risers is so much fun. Everything is running smoothly and pretty much silent which is great.

    I will be keeping an eye on the classifieds and upgrade to some nice bits when they come up.

    I'll take some proper pictures soon

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  • @haveo
    Yep mine's a triple triangle.

    Orrell ride dorky idea but yeah cool I am a dork.

  • Here's mine dude.

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  • Sweet, does the top tube slope down on yours?

    I remember seeing a black (or dark blue) triple triangle in the front window of cycle ps camberwell too

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Landshark + Elin + Polished C-Track

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