Cycling capes

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  • I need to get going then!

    Any progress with Hilltrek @Skülly?

  • Gah. Still trying to find time to retrieve my carradice from Stroud, of all places.

  • Has anyone had any experience with these ?

    Are they any good? Is that just too much money? Is there a better option?

    @Skülly I have some friends in Stroud who come to London fairly regularly. I could probably sort something out for you if you still haven't got it?

  • I love how the models pose in those (lovely looking) capes with bikes that lack mudguards. They're in for a messy and miserable shock should it ever actually rain...

  • Dry on top with a mucky undercarriage.

  • Posted a reply in the Epic Fail thread but here is probably more appropriate. My friend has started making these:­tions/shop

    More reasonable price...

  • Ooh, they look pretty good. Would like to see one in the flesh

  • Thanks for the tip. I'll check them out.

  • Website has almost No Detail. But the cut looks pretty good, covers handlebars well.

    I've approached Hilltrek about making me a custom Ventile one. Excited!

  • I nabbed back the Shimano giveaway cape that I'd passed to my mate at the jumble we both attended a few months ago but haven't had the chance to try it out as it seems the rain is, without fail, accompanied by wind up here.

  • As and when I have something to tell! btw How's your greenspot held up? I've used mine almost every day for something like six years (maybe more!?), fabric is prone to a bit of wear... (makes me think a cape should be supplied with a repair patch) but I'm happy with it overall. Will be getting a new one as well as the cape made.

  • Not really the season, but did anything come of your custom ventile cape? I'm thinking about getting the Carradice. Brooks nylon looks ok too, but Carradice looks like it'll offer more protection. Have you ever tried using it with bar-end shifters?

  • Adam Capes

  • I've found the carradice cape pretty easy to use, I don't see what bar-ends could be a problem. The only thing you might find awkward is if you use bar-mounted stuff (lights, computers etc).

    Fwiw I don't find the waxed cotton cape has got great protection from very heavy rain, but then almost all garments leak under the kinds of monsoon we've been experiencing in London recently.

  • That's a shame, as that's what I'd primarily use it for. I guess a more waterproof fabric like nylon would be more sensible, given breathability shouldn't be so much of an issue, I just like the durability and ease of maintenance with the carradice stuff.

  • ahem I've been a bit busy... but hilltrek did agree to have a go at making a version of the carradice for me.

  • I managed to snag a Brooks one on ebay for a decent price recently. Looking forward to a deluge to try it out.

  • Finally got a chance to wear my cape today! Though it wasn't actually raining that hard by the time I got out the house.

    One annoyance is I couldn't signal properly as the little magnetic tags that keep it secured to the handlebar would come off. This might be less of a problem on a more upright bike.

    Other than that it did keep me dry, apart from the ankles of my trousers getting a bit damp, might have to get the gaiters out on a really wet day. Was nice to feel the air rather than being zipped up in a jacket and trousers.

    Commute only spoiled by the sight of the guy in front's hairy arse crack peeping over his waterproof trousers.

  • I used to use a cape and a sou'wester- A great combination.
    For capes to work they need to be heavy; a stiff PVC type material. That solves the problem of them blowing away in the wind.

  • This thread needs more pics

  • wore my cheap rubbish peter storm poncho today.
    thinking about upgrading.
    anyone tried the decathlon ones?­cling-poncho-yellow-black-id_8354731.htm­l
    they look like they have some decent practical features.

  • I have the other decathlon one
    Trialled it last week and it kept me dry, but was quite sweaty and a bit flappy in the wind.

  • i think the 900 version has enough features that it's worth the extra £5

    the main problem with my current one is the amount of flapping, so the separate full arms and the addition of leg tethers would be useful additions

    i think any poncho is always going to be a bit of a sweat inducing nightmare if worn for too long. i don't think i'd attempt a 'proper' commute in one

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Cycling capes

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