Cycling capes

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  • Time to move this discussion from the commuting thread.

  • Word!

  • My Carradice one has been really excellent up to now, but it needs proofing so often and seems to be deteriorating as it seems to leak more / quicker. Let's face it, waxed-cotton is not the right fabric.

    @photoben how's yours for proofing? What's the fabric like?

  • Otto London Cape (for reference).

    Great. Three winters strong, and now starting to show signs in might need a Nikwax wash. But still keeping me dry.

  • @velocio has the expensive Brooks one.

    I am interested in what @skully finds out from Hilltrek. I think nikwax analogy might be a suitable material though like ventile it needs two layers for maximum effect.

    I'd also like reflective trim.

  • The Brooks one has reflective trim woven in to the middle line that goes across it horizontally, as well as the larger patch on the rear near the bum.

    I've had mine 4 or 5 winters, and it still looks like new.

    That said, I carry it daily in a pannier over winter (so it's not exposed to weather when not in use - usual stowage is under saddle but I choose not to do that), and I only use it when it's needed, which as I've said isn't as often as you imagine.

    It's waterproofing hasn't faded one bit, it still functions as on the first day I used it.

    It's awesome... but I still think capes only shine in torrential rain, and there's just not a lot of that.

  • How are capes for sweatiness? I presume you are wearing less/less 'boil in the bag' clothing underneath?

  • Perfect timing with this thread. V interested in a ventile version here

  • I need to get going then!

    What's the brooks one made of?

    The otto is a rather diff design to the carradice - carradice is longer esp at the front, which covers the handlebars. This can be a problem for lighting if mounted on bars.

    Agree they're really for proper rain.

    @M_V they're really comfortable compared to jackets for staying cool.

  • This thread is scoble-nip.

  • This could be an interesting idea. I could do with a good lightweight option instead of my jacket.

  • Just want to register my interest in the Skully-cape™ too. Everything on the market currently seems to compromise slightly in one way or another.

  • Brooks do a cotton one and a nylon one. Both meant to me waterproof. The cotton one is nearly £200.

  • Mine will have hiviz hipster triangles not that cheezy reflecto-piping.

  • Cycle capes don't need to be that hi tech. Just something reasonably lightweight and 100% waterproof that will keep the rain off during a heavy downpour.

    There's so much air circulating below that you don't need to make them breathable or owt. Reflective bits are a good idea though I think.

    Mine has a peg at the front that I attach to the brake cables to keep it hanging over the handlebars.

  • Since I already have an ancient steel bike, a brooks saddle, and a Carradice saddle bag, I've always been tempted to complete the CTC look with a cape. The one thing that bothers me is how you hand signal though? Surely the cape gets in the way?

  • Yes^. It does.

  • Hey my other half loves sewing and wants to make some extra monies. I reckon she could knock up some lfgss-approved capes....

  • yes you're right, I can usually tuck my hand underneath though. I think that because i look like such a doofus in my cape that drivers are more gentle around me, though this may just be complete bollocks.

  • Not the end of the world, you would just want contrasty gloves as that's all that appears, and you have to sort of flop the long front over the bars as you return to gripping with both hands.

    It's not something that's ever really bothered me.

  • i look like such a gent in my cape that drivers are more decent

    Allow me adjust that for you.

  • A friend of mine makes these, they seem to be well liked -­g/bramble-mr-twigg-wax-cotton-cycling-ca­pe-forest-green

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  • I am also interested in the SkullyCape, but always thought that capes made cycling in anything but a tail wind difficult and potentially hazardous. What is the experience of the hardened cape wearer?

  • Only the ones that survived will be able to give testimony.

    Capeat Emptor.

  • Nah, if it's really windy, they can be a pain, but other than that it's fine. I'd never say hazardous though. Mine is held in place so no problem. The back can flap up sometime with wind, but doesn't get in the way.

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Cycling capes

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