Juna Tri Spoke (Ozzo)

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  • Just got me a Juna Tri Spoke from a local guy. Still need to get some tub cement to get the tyre on, and some carbon brake pads.

    It's fitted with a SS converter and 18T cog, so I can test it on the Kuota no problem.

    Can these be converted from rear to front?

    This would be way more useful to me as a front wheel...I appreciate at their cost it may be uneconomical, but I'm thinking, cost of this wheel + conversion is still cheaper than a front trispoke.

    I can hear a rattly noise inside, I'm guessing it's grit or something, but not sure how to get it out, or if I should get used to it.

    Feels like the hub needs a service. Ideally, what kinda front hub can I use as a donor to swap this from rear to front?

  • The SS adapter and cog is SuperStar components.

    Very keen to get this wheel on the road and test it, but also very keen to get it as a front wheel, since I have disc covers arriving for the normal 10spd back wheel.

    It's a Shimano HG by the looks of the lockring text.

    So calling all experts, what's the potential for conversion?

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  • Mechanic in the shop concurred the freehub isn't removable, so this would be a huge pain to convert. Looks like I have a nice rear trispoke then.

    Going through the parts bin, I think I have a near-new old 7 speed cassette, may think about putting that on. 18tooth seems a bit easy... next issue is that the spare cassette I have is uniglide, and I didn't check if this was only HG or UG compatible as well.

  • not convertable to front, the threaded cassette ones are though...

  • Super nice smooth bearings now, it had no pitting but was running dry. The freehub is so old it's uniglide compatible, we threw on this 7speed cassette, but there is room for at least one more gear. Maybe as HG it could be 9 speed...

    Needs a TT cassette, 10-20ish.

    Quick run to shop and up a petit col, there's a wobble in it, but it isn't noticeable when riding I think.

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  • Did you happen to know how much it weighs by any chance? I kinda regret not buying a matching set that was on ebay not too long ago

  • Someone bought the front from the guy (I think it was listed a couple months ago), gutted I missed it.

    It's very light, but I don't have scales handy, plus with this beefy cassette it is significantly heavier than it was as SS.

  • I have a font wheel for this, bought around 4 years ago yeah, just putting it up for sale on face book and noticed this add. Anyone want it? Based in NI, can post at buyers expense

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  • I’ll contact my mate in Germany that I gifted the rear to. But beware, these are pretty cheap - not sure what price you were after?

  • Yeah its not too expensive, but a great wheel, served me very well in TT's. Better then any deep section front i had, was great in all but the windiest of conditions.

  • £150, good vittoria corsa evo cx tub included

  • You’ll struggle at that much, but good luck all the same!

  • yeah i have it for sale as a set with a disc wheel, it might sell better. I think it would be hard to buy a fasted front wheel for that money. It spun forever, and clocked me my best TT times. If it doesn't sell id gladly bring it back in 10 years time when i make a comeback!

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Juna Tri Spoke (Ozzo)

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