L'eroica Britannia 2016

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  • Was considering L'eroica Britannia next year as an alternative to my brother's usual birthday ride of "cycle live Nottingham", but having done a quick forum search it appears it may have cost £145 to enter this year! That can't be right can it? That's 7 times the price of the bloody-awful Dawes I was considering doing it on! Does anyone know how much it really is?

  • Ride ticket - c.£70, but tickets to the festival for family and kids bumped that up.

  • Thanks for the info, I may have to shelve that plan, bit on the steep side (unintended pun there).

  • Early bird ride only registration for Eroica California $150.....that's £100 squids,,,,,,just sayin

  • tickets apparently going on sale in october. anyone know when? - I'm away early part

  • I paid £145.00 for 1 rider + 1 adult support and 1 child. I reckon it represents great value for money for 3 people camping for 3 nights and a very well organised ride with food stops etc. Obvs far more expensive than the £45.00 for everything all in for the early bird deal the year before.

  • ^^Ian, I'm away the middle part

  • I'm also having second thoughts for next year. B&B we have stayed in for the last two years is closing; ringing round I have discovered that none of the others will entertain a booking for less than 3 nights. Thus more money than a fun weekend should cost. My unconditional love for Bakewell is wearing thin!

  • anyone on here heard anything re. tickets for 2016?

  • Date is set. No word on tickets yet...

  • Tickets in the next two weeks or so, just booked b and b in Matlock, away from it all , you can get into a restaurant..

  • tickets on sale Wednesday 14th Oct

  • Just got the email -


    Full Price Ride Entry (over 16’s & under 65’s) £60 each
    Concession Ride Place (under 16s & over 65’s) £45 each
    Early Bird 3 Day Festival Ticket £10 each
    Early Bird 3 Day Family Festival Package - Tent Camping £100 each
    Early Bird 3 Day Family Festival Package - Motorhome/Caravan £95 each
    3 Night Tent Camping Pitch £65 each
    3 Night Motorhome/Caravan Pitch £75 each
    3 Night Glamping Pitch £65 each
    3 Day Parking Pass £15 each
    Kids Under 12 GO FREE!

    Early Bird tickets will be available from Wednesday, 14th October until the end of 2015.

  • is the "Each" referring to person or day thanks

  • I think 'each' means per person, so if you wanted to turn up to the festival, camp in your own tent over night and do one of the rides it will cost you £65+£60 to get the required wrist bands... £125!

  • Previously, ride entry has included festival and camping for one.

  • Yeah the first year it did, last year I had to buy a ticket to ride and a camping pitch...

  • Signed up for the 100. Ticketing system working well this year.

    Accommodation sorted - I managed to be able to stay with local friends (see above). Mrs 531 is happy to ride but is not so fond of noisy camping.

  • Signed up for the 100 miles & camping.
    Cost was £150.00 for one rider, one accompanying girlfriend and 8yo daughter including camping and car parking.
    Not bad for the three days of entertainment and a decent ride.
    Really looking forward to this, need to finish the bike!
    Agreed Re ticketing system, absolutely no issues this year.

  • Usual inconsistencies re booking. Third time lucky and still they got it wrong.

    To begin with the 'Family Tent' (2 adults and 2 kids under 12) was the only camping option available. This included 3 Day Festival passes. The rider entry also included the same Festival passes, so confusingly it seemed that people were being asked to pay for Festival access twice. In any case, what do you do if your not a Family?

    The £65 Tent-only option didn't appear online until later this afternoon (either missed off or hastily concocted), which solves the problem - sort of. If you're a group of four you share the cost of £65 (£16.25 each or £20 if you add parking), but if you're a party of one you have to pay the whole amount on your own (or find someone else to shack up with).

  • what do you do if your not a Family?

    Find a family to 'arrive' with. If there's just one of you, you're welcome to arrive as part of my family group. But that's dishonest and I wouldn't advocate that.

  • All the camping options were available when I booked at lunchtime.

    I'm in again for the 3rd time, and intending to ride bike #3 too.. just the 55 miler this time though, as Ms Anagrama is also on board for 2016 and I'll only have 2 flip/flop gears to get around on..

  • have signed up for the 100 hopefully the weather will be really sunny no mudguards as pre 87 mudguards are hard to find

  • In, using my mobile, no probs, out east

  • just noticed txkts 2016 on sale, :-)

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L'eroica Britannia 2016

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