All The Six Fifty Bees Thread! (650b, 27.5 etc.).

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  • different wheels and tyres make a noticeable difference in trail, ask him again to ensure he got the correct wheel sizes on it (650b x 42mm is equal to 700c x 23mm).

    With 700c and 38mm tyres, the trail go up to around 40-45.

  • Thanks ed, very helpful!

  • different wheels and tyres make a noticeable difference in trail

    Yep that fixed the problem - thanks ed.

  • Compass Babyshoe pass (650 x42) fitted to the bike last night, inflated to 40 Psi on the back and 35 on the front.

    They roll super smooth but do feel quite strange compared to high Psi Schwable Kojaks, they feel stable and grippy but they seem to have quite a strong 'flywheel' effect.

    TBH the wheel I have them on a super cheap and not that light and the tubes weigh about the same as the tyres..... what tubes can I get that are light and 650 x 42 compatible?

  • MTB Latex tubes will do nicely. Check decathlon.
    Did you ever have Hetre?

  • Did you ever have Hetre?

    The Babyshoe Pass is a better tyres.

    Smoother thread = better, even on gravel.

  • what tubes can I get that are light and 650 x 42 compatible?

    Schwable SV14A XXLight make a nice difference, light butyl inner tube are not worth it on skinny road tyres, but with bigger tyres, there's a noticeable weight ifference.

  • would love to try if 2.0 650b tyres fit my orlowski

  • From Prolly, J Bryant Dirt Tourer.

  • Are you riding them on your Elephant, Ed?

    Dunno if you've used em with discs, but I find they can be easy to break traction/lock up if you panic and snatch the brakes, which is admittedly rider error, but it happens sometimes!

    Did my first (and only) two-wheeled skid in my first week riding them. I almost shat.

  • Disc are way too easy to lock up when you're used to underwhelmed rims brake.

    Took a short while to get the hang of it, and then a steep learning curve after jumping on the road bike with caliper brake and nearly crashed (several time).

  • For an 'anyroad' style bike is it better to get mtb style 650B/27.5" rims or road rims? Max tyre width will probs be 1.75"/44mm - maybe 2" at a stretch.... leaning toward the panceti SL 23 650B.

  • I have rims with 25mm (outer width) on my cross/gravel/allroad/whatev bike I mainly use with 28mm-42mm tyres, and I've been thinking about getting something like 27-28mm.

    It is just that you have to make som compromises between these three qualities:

    • light
    • high max pressure for 28mm-30mm road tyres (something like light 29er rim from stan's wont do)
    • wide

    I would get hope hoops with stan's grail in a heartbeat but I am really uncomfortable with the narrow width (21 inner 24 outer)

  • MTB rims are lighter, which helped.

    Go for it, with 650b, not much point going smaller than 32mm, so no worries about high pressure on wide rims.

  • So you saying go for it on the panceti or go for wider Mtb rims..?

  • I re-read the above and I see now... MTB rims it is.

  • I'm having trouble finding black 650b rims that aren't for disc brakes. Can anyone enlighten me?

  • velocity dyad or atlas. not sure who stocks them though

  • Atlas are tough and durable, internal width is idea right down to even 32mm, bit on the porky side.

    Dyad is the better choice of the two.

  • Thanks! The dyad has variations with a machined silver line on the brake area or full black. Does it make any difference?

    Quick search on stockists was not very encouraging, even eBay USA had 0 returns (suggested velocity blunt instead).

  • Ask Brick Lane Bikes, as they sell Velocity.

    My suggestion is to go for the machined braking surface option, otherwise you'll suffer squeal* and worn look on the full black rims.

    A machined braking surface is simply a way to ensure the surface is 100% straight and flat in the most cost effective way, rather than improved braking performance.

    *for a while, or short while in the rain after the anodized/paint wear off.

  • Oh, so this rim will soon start showing brake patches?

    Shame, because it looks so nice. I saw Velocity listed on BLB (urgh), but exactly the Dyad in 650B is missing. Starting to suspect it was discontinued, I can only find it in 700c everywheer. But I'll give them a call, thanks again.

  • Pacenti sl 23 :
    rim brake
    and heavily discounted.
    What's not to like?­php/products/rims/sl23-650b-32h-detail

  • Or you can buy my wheelset ;)

    VO Diagonale on 5800 all silver 32/32

  • That's amazing, thank you! Trying to understand if they ship to UK, hope it works out.

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All The Six Fifty Bees Thread! (650b, 27.5 etc.).

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