All The Six Fifty Bees Thread! (650b, 27.5 etc.).

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  • Thought so. Although I thought tubeless would be a bit safer as no pinches.
    Is it much different than running 23mm on 19mm rims? Cheers for the reply.

  • No pinch but can damage rims as there's no tyres between the tarmac and rims.

  • I’m trying to find perfect tires for my 650b conversion. I tried to fit 42 Pari Moto, but it’s too tight between chainstays. Now I use 35 G-ones allround, but they are quite narrow. So, what options do I have? Are gravelkings true to size and 38s are measure exactly 38mm? How about Col de la vie, are they 38 or 40?

  • 42 Pari Moto

    Did these measure true to size? What internal is your rim? I have clement strada 42s that measure true to size on 23 internal, highly recommend

  • Soma Fab Cazadero 42c measure 39.98 on a 17.5mm internal rim. might be an option for gravel tyres. Clement X'Plor MSO also not bad reviewed. I think they offer a 42 flavour.

  • My rims are 15mm internal, so every tire comes a bit narrower, pari motos were ca 41mm, 35 g-ones are 34. So I guess every 38 tire would come 37mm, which would be the prefect fit. But I’d like to know what options do I have. I know, that I can just buy pari motos in smaller size, but are they better or worse than regular Gravelkings?

  • Some very nice 650b goodness here for anyone that's interested.­21/#comment14970207

  • Pari moto exist in 38 mm too, maybe thats the sweet spot (I measured mine at 40 on 25mm inner width rims)

  • Pretty sure GKs are true to size on Pacenti Sl23 (38mm). They garner some hate on here but I've never had issues with them. tubeless ready too, if that matters.

  • Thanks y’all,
    I think I’ll try parimotos 38 or gravelkings 38. There’s nothing wrong with g-ones btw, I just like skinwalls and they’re full black.

  • It may have been asked a thousand times, but what mini v-brakes are there to use on 650B wheels?

    I have TRP CX8.4, but can't test yet if they come down to the 650B rims. I found: Tektro RX5 and Paul Minimoto, which would be cool but aren't cheap. If there's nothing else available I would save some money and go for the Minimotos.

  • Any recommedation for 650b rim brake rims?

  • modern looking or retro?

    I like the look of the these but not had the need to try them yet.

  • These looks good, like kinlins which i trust. Thanks.

  • Replying to myself regarding the v-brakes for 650B: my totally stupid plan to go with 650B on a cantilever cyclocross frame continues with the enlightment that it isn't the brake which is the problem – the cantilever bosses are simply too high.

    So I ordered these:

    And will try to go with my TRP CX8.4 minis.

    Also it is like surfing in the past, since all information is almost 10 years old regarding v-brakes and convertion details.

  • Are your brake posts actually removable?

  • Yes, on the back it was not easy to remove them: heat gun, WD-40, and a welding clamp.

  • Good stuff!

  • Any pics of the frame? I wanted to do this once but my posts weren't removable.

  • Here is one from I think 2 years ago or so, since then changed little things like stem, cassette, etc. Several reasons to go 650: toe overlap, maybe bigger tyres, get a new wheelset, etc.

  • Really nice. Looking forward to seeing pics of the finished result.

    I managed a 650b conversion on mine too but using disk mounts

  • I got these adapters today, and it is OK, the brake pads all the way down:

  • That looks great, fits so nicely

  • Any ideas of 650b forks with rim brake canti boses? Other than surly? Custom made steel only? Those Exotic forks are nice but there's no option for 650b canti carbon fork.

    ^ that Alan is ACE!

  • Think Thorn do a steel one, not cheap though.

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All The Six Fifty Bees Thread! (650b, 27.5 etc.).

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