All The Six Fifty Bees Thread! (650b, 27.5 etc.).

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  • I'd stick to them, they are excellent inner tube anyway, it's just light buytl are not that great on skinny road tyres.

  • Hey Ed,
    Did you go from Grand Bois Hetres to Compass somethings on your Oak?
    What are your impressions?

  • Finished my 650b Cotic Escapade this week, lots of fun to ride and so floaty! Christened it on a trip to Aldi where it capably handled a full front loading of assorted tins and meats. Went tubeless today, currently have a very slowly leaking rear but the front seems all good. Overall I'm enjoying it a lot!! Just deciding whether to spend a bit more and go all black on the components or not as it was a bit of a parts bin build.

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  • Strong flap game. Well done.

  • Nice. Even has the sophisticated and rare Scobleflap™

  • Did you go from Grand Bois Hetres to Compass somethings on your Oak?

    Mainly because in the past it was only Grand Bois.

    However, the new Compass felt racier and more comfortable at the same pressure, but for some reason, doesn't seemed to be more vulnerable (the Hetres' thread actually help reduced sharp object from getting embedded easily despite having a very slightly squirmy feel when cornering).

  • is that a straggler fork?

  • Cant describe how joyous it was to ride down a damp towpath and emerge completely dry, first time with proper full coverage flaps and I'm converted, loving the #scobleflap

  • Yeah, what a revelation a clean drivetrain is!

  • Cool. I was thinking of trying Compass once my Hetres wear out. The Compass equivalent will save some weight. Although it seems like it will be ages, I’ve done hundreds of mile on the Hetres and there’s still so much life left in them!

  • Excellent build. What are the flaps made from?

  • I have done over 10,000km on the original red Hetres before the thread start to go smooth.

    It's oddly a little annoying at the time as I really want to try out the Compass!

  • Thanks for the compliments.

    Flaps are made from 2mm thick rubber sheet off eBay. A 300x300mm sheet did all 3 flaps with spare enough for an extra one. Attached the rear flap by drilling and zip ties, the front is bolted using the bolts for the stays and the scobleflap is attached to the bolt that attaches to the chainstay bridge. Only downsides are that I Could maybe do with 3mm rubber as the scobleflap is a little flappy, but due to it being in front of the tyre hasn't been sucked in yet, and also it says the type of rubber has poor resistance to oil, so not sure how it will degrade over time with oily spray from diesel etc on roads.

    Link to rubber below:­-Various-Sizes-1mm-to-10mm-Thicknesses-/­121284416452?var=&hash=item1c3d1d53c4%3A­m%3Amx5C_rWH5dDQqVk4NurbXLg&_trkparms=pa­geci%253Aa78fea09-4db7-11e7-acf6-74dbd18­08f0a%257Cparentrq%253A912425ea15c0a884c­1350d51fff47c72%257Ciid%253A7

  • Well spotted. It's actually a disc trucker fork in 700c so 390a2c, got it as the fork that I could've had from cotic was mountless. It's 10mm too short so makes the head angle half a degree steeper and drops the BB a bit, still handles nicely though.

  • Headtube slightly steeper with fork at 45mm rake contributed to a slightly lighter handling, helped with the load.

  • Ahh that explains a lot then, definitely felt nice even with the massive load. Assuming because the 650b has the same circumference as a smaller 709c tyre that doesn't affect trail at all? Only helps to contribute to the more comfortable ride and better feel.

  • heres my cotic escapade 650b! tyres are pasela 1.75" setup tubeless (after a hilarious latex explosion) and a genesis cdf carbon fork (for the midfork mounts). off in a couple of weeks for a mini tour to paris. cant wait. :D

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  • Nice!! How much clearance have you got with a 1.75 inch tyre? I'm pretty tight at 47mm. Did the pasela go tubeless easy? I'm losing patience with the passive agressive bubbling of the horizon's.

  • its pretty tight! couple of mm either side. so i guess its at max. I havent measured the actual width on the rim yet.

    So far the paselas feel great. They went up very easily with just a track pump but they were an absolute bitch to get on the rims in the first place. Though I guess this might be why they went up so easily.

    I pumped them to about 40psi and theyve held up fine with no leaking so far. I did go a bit high at first on the front (about 50psi i think) and the bead literally exploded off the rim! sealant everywhere! all over the living room... much cleaning :S

  • 650b wheels for a mum bike (700c frame). rim brake.
    What are my options under £100 please?

  • for £100 dont bother

  • But I want fuck off wide tyres.

  • I'm also looking for a budget 650b wheelset. But good ones are hard to find....

  • you can buy a front and rear wheel separately from baldwins-cycles-ltd on eBay for about £40 each...

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All The Six Fifty Bees Thread! (650b, 27.5 etc.).

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