All The Six Fifty Bees Thread! (650b, 27.5 etc.).

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  • @amey @tyeness @mi7rennie

    Reckon we should have a topic dedicated to this as it's easier to keep it in one location than sprawn all over the forum.

    Schwable Big One look very promising in 2.35.

    And a friendly 650b 40mm version;

  • Timed to perfection when considering a swap over to 650b...

  • I'm just waiting for the rain to stop so I can go out and try my new Compass Baby shoe pass extra light (650 x 42) on the CDF. Will report back.

  • Any release date on One?

  • Good use of sprawn!

  • trying to find reasons not to try 650b... Sketched this out last night to see if it would suit my @edscoble like geo:

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  • If it's an all new bikes, go for it.

    Make sure it got clearance for 42mm tyres and mudguards, this way if you like, you can just plop in 700c with 32mm.

  • Any idea how a 700x28 compares to going for 650b with either Soma Xpress or something Compass @edscoble

    I have mudguards fitted pretty much perfectly at the moment, but no room to go any bigger tyre wise on my current frame than with the 28mm with guards as below...

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    • 20150712_082334-01.jpeg
  • You got big clearance, 42mm 650b will fit.

  • What I wanted to hear! I'm in.

  • Perfect? I probably can't be botherd as it does not rain enough in London. Which mudguards are these?

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  • it does not rain enough in London.

    TO answer your question, they're Honjo with home made flap.

    1. Best Front rack for a randonneur bag , for a fork without canti studs but with mid fork bosses?
    2. Best frame pump?
  • Zefal HPX Vintage is the very best you can buy.

    As for rack, no idea, Velo Orange may be suitable especially the one with integrated decaleur.

  • Would you still go for a Zefal HPX over a mini track pump style a la Lezyne Micro Floor? I'm wanting it for tandem touring so it'll be pumping a Marathon Plus to 90-100 psi and the Zefal looks like hard work (but would fit on the pump pegs already on the frame).

  • If you can fit the Lezyne in a frame that is.

    The Zefal is easier and quicker to inflated to 100psi, the Lezyne floor pump is a little bit of a struggle due to it's smaller size and tiny handle/footrest.

    I don't think you can fit the Lezyne on a frame.

  • The lezyne has a clip to put it next to a bottle cage, functional but not as elegant as the Zefal.
    I haven't used either so your opinion is valued,thanks. Probably worth getting a gauge to go with the Zefal too I guess?

  • The pump served as a way to inflated your tyres out in the middle of nowhere rather than something to measure your pressure.

    With tandem, might be worth getting some slime on the back wheel.

  • Oh hai guise. The Schwalbes look kinda cool - be good to have some tread when the snow gets here.

  • So I am basically committed on putting down a deposit on a low trail 650B adventure bike, all happened rather quickly after looking through a random Flickr feed belonging to a German builder... proper thread to follow in current projects but... I just got an email from builder in question saying:

    Are you sure about the rake-trail?  I put it into bike cad last night and I think I needed more rake to get the 34mm of trail.

    The figures/angles I had given him were 73 deg head angle, 65mm of rake giving 34mm if trail... Have I got my angles wrong or is he missing something? I know more rake offset will decrease the trail but my figures suggest 65mm offset equals 34mm rake with a 73 deg head angle... I am no mathematician... thoughts?

    edit - could it be that we are using different length forks? my figs for 650B his for 700c?

    edit* - @edscoble

  • who is the builder?

  • Robert Piontek, Big Forrest Frameworks, he's hasn't done anything like this before but I admire his willingness to experiment and take up the challenge. He's also been fantastic at keeping in touch and can't argue with his prices...

  • ah ha! its the guy who did that awesome fat bike!
    Ed can advice you on low trail and front luggage better. Page him.

  • the very same...

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All The Six Fifty Bees Thread! (650b, 27.5 etc.).

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