Eastway ST1 disc conversion by Talbot

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  • After much chats with Neil on the clubrun about various components and cats and then further emails with Matt about components and dogs the Beastway conversion is on!

    I'm having a bit of a post wedding cull, and in order to get myself down to two bikes, I've just dropped my trusty and much loved, ST1 off with Matt this morning.

    The idea here is that Matt can modify the existing frame, and make some new forks that will turn this into a bike that, for me, will cover all of the commuting, work-horsing, winter training and occasional CX duties. The Reynolds 520 frame is perfect for my needs and has so far resisted my attempts to break it. I have also really enjoyed riding it since it was bought as replacement from BC for the last 'Beast' that I unfortunately, completely buckled on an off road adventure.

    I've loved having a dynamo hub on my silver Minster (which will now get sold :(.....eventually) so I'm keen for another, but as a proper clumsy bastard i constantly snag the wiring on things. To get around my fat-handedness, Matt is game to use the SON dropout converters on the new forks and retro fit some internal routing to the frame for the dynamo wire to give it a clean look.

    Disc brakes are also going on it as I've never got on with the canti's despite an upgrade. Oddly the braking power seems very modest on this particular frame compared to other canti equipped frames I've ridden and I know @Tricky_Business has identical problems with his ST1, but he's so fast he doesn't need to stop.

    Discs is a big step for a Luddite and very late adopter like me, so I'm excited and nervous in equal measure!

    I now need to decide on paint.........however I'm not a Sick Fadez man and this bike has to be subtle as it will get locked up unattended as I move around my work sites. hmmm i might go for a nice teal.....

    Parts list so far;

    • SON Front hub
    • SON Drop out converter
    • SON Front light (Cant remember which one!)
    • Rear light embedded in Cambium
    • Columbus Max Fork with Talbot custom crown
    • Hed Belgium rims
    • TRP spyre SLC calipers
    • White Industries rear hub
    • Existing 10s Apex gruppo (subtle, cheap to replace and I've found it very durable)
    • Eastway shallow drop bars
    • Thompson stem and seat pin
    • Cambium (it was slate, but after 2000 miles it just looks bleurgh)
    • PDW Mudgaurds

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  • Aha! I was wondering what those forks were from, we were using them as part of an impromptu eddy-current-brake demo rig this morning in the workshop.

  • Sounds like the most exciting thing that's ever happened to them!

  • I have some Kinesis DC37 forks that need moving on if you're interested

    Edit: Ah, you're getting some made...

  • Thanks for the thought, but I dread to think how much trouble bonding a lamp bracket to the crabon would be :)

  • The Lazer cut 304 stainless fork crowns arrived with Matt this morning.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the forks come together especially with the dropout converters for the 'wireless' front light.

    The profile of the Max blades is looking tasty too.

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  • I've also taken some inspiration for the colour(s) from my works phone screen saver, but there my imagination runs out :)

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  • Ah, Jesus that looks horrible.

    I just want it to be one block colour really (maybe with some subtle details) as it should really be understated.

    The best think about a lack of imagination is that I cant get carried away, the bad thing is I can be easily led, in a panic, by shiny things.

  • Field had those patterns at Bespoked, looks a whole load better in the flesh I think.

  • Wireless dynamo rulez!

    This is a bit the Frankenbike I was thinking for my Enigma. Would miss the crunching sound, like earlier today and decided to stick with throwing all the monies at Ardennes rebuilds.

  • Locked up unattended not a good idea; definitely not a good idea.

  • I suppose you need to see these things in the flesh tbf. Not to my tastes however, it sort of looks like a trackie top I had as a hand-me-down in the 90's :)

  • Yeah I know, its a tough one. The vast majority of the sites I go to are secure or at least semi-secure (gated, site security, bike racks etc) and I've never had an issue, even with the slightly bling Chrome Minster.

    When I lock up elsewhere it should be for relatively short periods of time as I've become fairly brazen about taking my bike into places. Its still always more than the risk it should be locking up unattended for any amount of time sadly :(

    Its that horrible situation where you want to ride a decent bike as a workhorse as you are always on it, but because of that it can attract unwanted attention.

  • Pretty much nailed it, and my mum's a Scouser.......

  • Did you go SON with the dropout converters then? Any thoughts on it or which ever system you went for?

  • No I only heard about this after I had my SP dynamo.

  • I'm now oddly tempted by BR Blue, although it does mean reaching levels of uber sadness as I work in Rail...

    I've always like the colour though, but its notoriously hard to see in its 'true colour' in photos.

    Here is is on 'Swift' that I always used to see at Crewe on my journeys back to the homeland.

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  • Oddly tempted but the yellow to now, maybe just a bit on the face plate of the stem...

  • Classy and understated in blue with some yellow accents to provide interest...

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  • Not a bad call at all, I think it would work with white decals too.

    Are those Max forks on that?

  • Phew: I'm redeemed!

    The rear is a little fussy for me (BB, seat stay bridge, seat cluster) and I'm not entirely sold on the what is and what isn't yellow up front (perhaps yellow head tube, but not lugs), but I like the "front heavy" theme for impact.

    Not sure about the forks, but I think so.

  • BR Blue with wasp stripes.......

  • Yeah, the BB, seat cluster and back end is far to much for me too. I think it just about balances out the forks on this one though.

    Cherubim's website is quite something, they have done some bonkers stuff, all very nicely done for what it is too.

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Eastway ST1 disc conversion by Talbot

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