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  • jezus died some 2000odd years ago. were all in mourning.
    but yeah dickhead move. dunno something about the interwebz that makes people behave like cunts.

    had a guy on local classifieds that threw a little hissy fit when i hadnt responded in 15hrs.
    promptly responded, gave him some extra pics the morning after in daylight and asked him about his thoughts. no reaction anymore.. much hypocrisy?! fecker.

  • dunno something about the interwebz that makes people behave like cunts.

    No consequences. You can say you want to buy something and the next second change your mind without any effects.

  • yes, but virtual cunt is a real life cunt too. despite what these cunts might think.

    although tbh, with age (im 30 now), ive come to the conclusion that the majority of people are cunts anyway (look at elections for example), so i just either tell them flat out theyre cunts (with eexplanation, they might see a light in their dim brains), or i just dont bother interacting with them anymore. lifes too short, and i have limited energy.
    quite refreshing to be honest.

  • and yes ive reneged from purchases in the past, but with explanation and apology. but that hardly ever happens the other way around.

  • all this talk does make me look like i care about the cunts dont i?!;)

  • I refunded 75% of the cost of a £40 wheel. I thought it was a good deal finally for the buyer, one persons perception of something is never the same as another's. I always try to deal face to face because of this. I also think said wheel got bent in the post, so nothing I could do about that. But was I going to chase the courier for £40 compo? Given the loops they pop you through, Nope. I try to be fair, even if the world isn't, and that's not cos the baby jesus will send me to a firey pit. I empathise.

  • Sometimes best to list some stuff on eBay, less emotive and personal.
    Still cunts on there though

  • There’s even more cunts on ebay. People bid , then don’t pay and just ignore your msgs and ebay doesn’t even allow giving negative feedback to nonpayers. Or you sell a laptop they receive it and say that the screen is flickering or it has a password on it and ebay is always on buyers side like 100% and you’ve got to waste time and money on postage.

  • Yeah, maybe I've been lucky on the bay but there seems to be the wrong expectation from buyers

  • Wait, you're not splitting? You've got to be splitting me.

  • Most of the time ebay is ok just the fee sucks and their policy where buyer is always right even if he’s wrong. Quick ebay example:
    -could you post to smolensk?

    • thats like £100 insured
    • no mate, the cheapest way, uninsured ,untracked £12. Always works
    • ok, if you accept full responsibility ill post
    • sure thing.

    You post it, and you only have a receipt from the post office. 2 weeks later gives you positive feedback, you do the same. Another 2 weeks later opens case saying that nothing was received. You send a copy of receipt to ebay and msgs where buyer accept responsibility. They give 0 fucks you have to do a full refund.
    Don’t repeat my mistakes.

  • That presupposes Jesus even existed and if he did...his name was not Jesus and he would have been dark skinned etc etc.

  • Yes and I am not German!...sadly 😿

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Classifieds Etiquette

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