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  • If you agree to sell an item to someone and then they don't pay or don't respond to messages, what is an acceptable time to wait for a response or payment from them before selling the item to someone else?

  • 1 week.

  • Depends on who it is.

    "user1234" who joined a month ago would get no leeway from me, whereas I'd cross an ocean of time for Skully.

    Srzly tho, I wouldn't miss a sale for fear of causing offence: no money, no comms, move on.

  • One week seems like a long time. I was thinking more like 48 hours would be fair.

  • Then 48 hours it is. Your sellz, your rulez.

    If you're determined to be polite send a message saying 'if I don't hear from you by x then I'm selling to someone else'.

  • Yeah, of course. I realise there's many reasons why someone may not get back - they may be having personal problems or there may have been a bereavement in the family so there's no need to be a dick about it.

  • there's no need to be a dick about it.

    But this is LFGSS.

  • Very good point.

  • Someone dies/has personal issues/enema goes wrong and your first response is to throw toys out for missing that rhad njs you thought you'd had under wraps for ten quid under the median trade price?

    Seems legit.

    In my world I either pay instant or say when i will when I make the deal. If someone's flaking out on me when I'm selling they can go scoble an onion, I aint the red cross for used bike parts and manners cost nothing.

  • @TM it was 2 months ago. Did you paid already?

    Too soon?

  • I met @johnnyhotdog and tried out his wares, after riding around the block a few times, through some puddles and some dog shit, I decided they weren't for me. Being a good man he gave me a full refund.

  • Thoughts on someone accepting my money via PayPal (after moving funds out of savings), holding it for 3 days (to sort out packing bike) and then refunding after selling locally for cash.

    I totally get the inconvenience of packing and posting a bike, but in my opinion the bike was 'Sold'.


  • Console yourself that he was not very bright and your bike would have got lost when he posted it.

  • Or did you sort out collection yourself?

  • Totally incomprehensible and utterly pointless

  • How long was he going to continue 'selling' the bike for? Until I opened a PayPal dispute?

  • To be honest it's bad enough on sellers part that you should name and shame so we all know not to deal with him @Pifko

  • What is the etiquette for items which don’t sell on the forum and I want to move to ebay (shudder) I don’t want to fall foul of the extremely officious forum stasi having a meltdown that the item is now for sale elsewhere.

    Should I just let the add disappear down the forum or Is it acceptable to inadvertently bump the add to say it’s going to ebay ?

    I can't seam to find the classifields rules anymore ?

  • You could edit the thread, removing details, pics, price and state that the item is now listed elsewhere.

  • To be honest it's bad enough on sellers part that you should name and shame so we all know not to deal with him @Pifko

    All I'll say is that it was for a BMC TT bike.....

  • I've bought and sold here, what strikes me as a little odd is when I sell something and particularly when I include some karma thingy, e.g. a roll of bar tape or some tubes, the buyer rarely ( if at all ) mails a quick thanks to say 'all good' ...also when responding to wants, especially when asked to post photos of a specific item, meaning climbing into the shed and spending some good time cleaning and taking detailed pics, there's no response either way; if it's not suitable or needed, a quick response would be welcome. For sold items, you used to be able to close the thread? My 9.5 cents on a wet Monday.

  • @chris_gee time waisters will waist your time and there's nothing you can do about it. But you can close your own threads, on the right side panel, press "Go" next to "close" option ;)

  • Can anyone explain why 20 people tell you they want to buy your parts when you clearly state that you are not splitting. And they all go “come on”. And once the frame is sold and parts are available noone replies. It’s not just 1 or two people.
    Or ask you about something that wasn’t for sale originally ask for pictures and even though its in perfect condition they disappear?
    Personal problems? Relatives died?

  • They want to see your dreams crushed with every turn of the allen key. People are like that... lol.

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Classifieds Etiquette

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