League VIII format discussion

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  • List of 3v3 teams ready to play:

    1. Cameron Fucked a Pig (Punkture, Otters, Chukker)
    2. After party (chris,tony,miles)
    3. Dick moves (Beagle, Seba, TBC, Most probably @BRodrick )
  • Fair enough. How about:

    14 Oct: Poll on league format closes
    28 Oct: Final registration for teams
    1 Nov: First fixtures released

    Sound cool?

  • No it didn't, there was plenty of issues and unpleasantness.

  • I think the preseason playoff solves the issues. You don't?

  • Haters gonna hate, should have played more, played harder etc etc...

    Dont think it will be a problem this year as Chukker's proposal seems pretty solid (with the pre-season play off) and I guess if peeps want to be ranked higher they can always write up a bit of their playing background to boost their case.

    Or even better - play some fricking polo all year round and not just come out from hibernation for the winter league!

  • Yup but I'm just correcting beagles assertion that last time was A ok...

  • Same same non? I mentioned that the play off solved the issues in the comment you replied to ;)

    Good that we have some participation and discussion of how the league would pan out!

    Hyped!!! :D

  • Woop, woop!

  • @dubkev I know you've got your plate full, but are you up for running the league if your proposal gets picked? If you're keen to, I'm happy to step down if you want to be the manager if the proposal I submitted too.

    Same to @citygent

  • I'd take this one but I'm currently doing 13 hour days 6 days a week. I'm not even Sure Clerks can play with me for the first few games. :(

  • Sorry, all, got caught up the last few days. Will get to this for sure tonight.

  • The poll is now open for one week. It ends on Thurs 15th at midnight.

    Please send your votes to me at mgvidal@gmail.com (title: League format vote). Rank the proposals from 1-3, first being your most preferred format. This will be an alternative voting system.

    Proposal A.
    Match Format
    -3v3 teams
    -Three 15-minute games
    -Seeding by poll ranking of teams

    -If more than 10 teams, league split in two divisions
    -If two divisions, playoff of middle three teams in order to determine positions

    Proposal B.
    Match format
    -Team Phoenix (North) versus Team Dragon (South).
    -Each team will have an equal number of squads that will play each squad from the opposing team twice.
    -Points earned by a squad contribute to their team’s overall score.
    -Squads: 5-6 players

    -Games last 35 minutes
    -3 points for a win. 1 point for a draw. Golden goal?

    Emmet: That's yours. Please check it and make sure it's all right. There are some standard areas that your's didn't cover. I left in the relevant bits from last year for that. Please let me know if you want to change them.

    Proposal C.
    -3 v 3.
    -3 x 15min games per fixture.
    -Subs 'ladder' rule applies. You can only go up, not down.
    -One out of towner allowed per team

    -If two divisions (10 or more teams), first fixtures in the year would be the top two from Div B and the bottom two from Div A all playing each other in a round-robin.
    -The results of this mini playoff would determine which division the team would play in for the rest of the league.
    -Results from this count towards final standings.

    Kev, same thing. I've left lots of bits in there from last year. Please have a look and if you want to change anything go ahead, but I reckon there should be something under most of the headings. Thanks.

  • Cheers for your work on this Matt

  • No problem. Your proposal is interesting, but I hope you want to run it because there are some things in there I don't want to have to deal with!

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League VIII format discussion

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