League VIII format discussion

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  • Here's the place to discuss format and all other league issues.

    I'll volunteer to administer this stage with @M_A_X (who has already said yes) so send your format suggestions to benblausten at gmail dot com or Max's address and we will post them up here.

    Deadline for submissions 21st September?

  • i'd rather an abc bench, I know it's not the best for competitive play, but think some balanced inclusivity is what London needs. :)

  • 3v3

  • I might actually play from the start this year, playing in the wet at HH is OK.

    I'll do up a proposal, here's the bones of it:

    3v3, 3 x 15m games

    You cannot play with anyone you played with in last years league *

    Anti-sandbaggers subs 'ladder' rule: once you've played as a sub for a team, you can't sub for a different team in a lower position in the league table, you can only go up.

    Out of towners rule: You must respond promptly (within 48h) to online league game requests, as you are not at throw ins during the week to talk face to face.

    • this is to mix things up a bit
  • ^lame,
    I'll be up for 3v3 if there are enough teams for 2 leagues.
    However, If there's an awkward number then bench (5 players per team, 1 hour games) would be way more fun and interesting than two leagues with too few teams or one league with an enormous disparity in ability

  • Which bit is lame?

  • In 3v3.

  • I like the sub ladder rule.

  • ....? Submit proposals to either @M_A_X or I. 21st September get them in

  • 3v3
    Draft pick serpentine method
    to give a fairer spread.
    Incentives to ref

  • ^interesting...

  • Can we submit proposals and vote as usual, or is everyone just gonna be a dick and put people off writing proposals by saying vague things like


    then fucking off?


  • Er...go on then

  • 3v3

  • No proposals received so far.

  • I don't want to be on the management committee this year, but if someone wants to submit the same format as last year (which I will vote for), then here it is:


    In short:

    Match Format
    -Matches consist of three 15-minute games
    -Unlimited goals

    Points per game
    3 – win
    1 - draw
    0 - loss

  • The tradition has been that the person who submits a proposal commits to being on the M-Comm, and if that proposal is accepted, then the format proposer picks two other people to be on the M-Comm with him or her.

  • For the benefit of refs and spectators, if this ends up being 3v3, please just have two games per fixture. The third game is unnecessary and takes up more court time when refs and spectators could play – which helps get them to turn up on cold and wet winter nights. I can't think of an argument for the third game that doesn’t apply to the second game.

  • Tie breaker?

  • Okay fuck it. It's 29 Sept and I'm calling one week left to get bids in for League VIII. Deadline: Mon 5 Oct midnight.

    Any objections or amendments?

  • Also, fuck it, again, I'll manage this with Ben and Max? (if voted in)

    the same format as last year (which I will vote for), then here it is:


    In short:

    Match Format
    -Matches consist of three 15-minute games
    -Unlimited goals

    Points per game
    3 – win
    1 - draw
    0 - loss

  • List of 3v3 teams ready to play:

    1. Cameron Fucked a Pig (Punkture, Otters, Chukker)
  • Don't really like the team name.

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League VIII format discussion

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