• GLWS. Really liked my one. Probs one of the best bikes I've had. Didn't look as good as this which having seen in the flesh looks great.

  • Agree.
    It is quite the looker with the upgraded forks as well

  • @yetidamo needs a new gravel bike I believe

  • @spotter 's bike does look great value, but too big for me. Thanks for keeping me in mind. Reckon it'll sell quickly.

    The Cinelli got sorted BTW. Turned out it was a dopey bit of spannering by the LBS. In a way I was a bit gutted as I'd convinced myself I wanted them to stuff it up their jacksay as I'd got quite fond of the arkose idea. But rode it again this Saturday and it's actually really good now the gears are sorted.

  • Evil

  • Nope

  • gadzooks

  • Didn't we have this before?



  • it's abominations like this that convince me that bicyclepubes is a seer

  • Would be interested in the 650 wheelset if it splitting.

  • Will bare in mind

  • Reminds me of a 2018 design from PVD land:

    Very interesting stuff: https://www.peterverdone.com/2018-pvd-bi­rd-of-prey/

  • TBH, I would totally ride that, mainly to see how different it is.

    Ugly? yes, curious, also yes.

  • just read through a long post on his site about forward geometry.
    interesting stuff indeed, even if it does look a bit different

  • Am I right in thinking that high end alu might be a better ride than low end carbon? (I'm comparing a 2019 Cannondale Topstone to a On One Free Ranger)

  • In what sense?

  • Vertical compliance and lateral stiffness.

  • I've a faint memory of reading one or two comments on how carbon requires complex labour in laying out the fibres, and is a refined work that is likely to have a few corners cut when done on a budget. Dunno if a Carbonda falls into that or not.

    Disclaimer: I never rode a carbon bike. My experience with alu goes from harsh (caadx) to plush (diverge), so I suppose the same happens with carbon depending on manufacturer and price point, and therefore shopping at the lower end might not be the best idea?

  • Wheels and tires affect more the ride "feel" than frame material.

  • I genuinely don't know how "bad" bikes can be these days from a feeling point of view. Loads of the value of some expensive bikes is created by adding a logo to it rather than from a massively more complex production process. Best thing to do is ride one if you can.

  • On-One Bootzipper ‘gravel’ build

    On-One Bootzipper 650b SRAM Apex 1 Cross Monster Bike

    (Cross-posted from the PlanetX thread, but looks a bit like some of the last few pics in here.)

  • Basically an MTB with drop bar, quite literally.

  • Have we had this? https://www.cairncycles.com/products/cai­rn-adventure-fork


    Full Carbon Monocoque Design
    Flat Mount Disc Brake
    Up 700 x 45c or 650b x 2.25 Tyre Clearance
    Fully Internal Dynamo Cable Routing for USB Charging and Lighting
    4 Mount Positions for Anything Cages
    12mm Thru Axle
    Full Fender Mounts
    Thru axle end doubles up as a bottle opener

  • Thru axle end doubles up as a bottle opener

    Stupid gimmick. Drinking and cycling shouldnt be encouraged

    Nice fork tho

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